Friday, July 24, 2015

The ATF RETURNS! Again...

yeah i know... look its been a busy week ok?  Taking over the world is not easy and it doesn't happen all at once.  Cut me some damn slack.

but I digress...

The show link!   is...


Where is the show link...

WHOA!  no.. ok.. ctrl-p did NOT work...  ummm... hold on...


ok... whew... that's better


Susan said...

Quite frankly, as much as I enjoy the jocularity of ATF, I am more interested in Part III of your after action report. You left us hanging in a very interesting spot regarding the Mad Fin.

Lulabelle (68) said...

Good show.

Matthew said...


Nate wasn't even THERE for the next part!

He bailed on the shooting range to go get his feet touched by strangers.

We need a guest post by Difster or robwbright to cover Saturday afternoon.

Cheddarman said...

A: Cheap beer
T: hand rolled smokes
F: Mosin nagant

Russ said...

Have a heart. Larry was arranging an event for libertarians. It's like herding cats.

Susan said...


That brings to mind his early story of waking up in ladies attire after a bender. Nate getting a manipedi. In the words of Mr. Sulu: Oh my!

Susan said...

In all fairness to Nate, if anyone is prone to gnarly feet, with calluses and such, a pedicure is actually a good thing, especially if you know somebody who is a diabetic.
Doctors will tell you they like their patients to get pedis because it increases foot/blood circulation and keeps the feet healthier, longer.

Nate, if Memphis is really trying to sell their statue of NBF, you should buy it and give him a good home.

Bill said...



Susan said...

So is Nate still recuperating from the shock of hearing that the NFL has its first woman assistant coach? And a shrink too no less. AZ opened the door and maybe they will have the good sense to regret it someday, sooner rather than later.

Bill said...

I think Nate has the vapors from that poor lion that got shot. Was the lion black? Well, he was from Africa, so I guess he was!! Nate is probably all broken up about that poor, BLACK, lion that was shot by that white man. Senselessly gunned down in the street like so many African-American men. That dentist may as well have been wearing a Stars and Bars shirt. And the lion was the symbol of African Pride anyway. Yeah, I'm not surprised that Nate is embarrassed to comment about that.

cheddarman' said...

Cecil the lion was obviously an Alpha, he lead two prides of 6 female lions...maybe Nate is in mourning for his fellow Alpha...the tree huggers will certainly make a show trial out of the least for Cecil, we can say he died happy, 6 wives and all...

Res Ipsa said...

Nate is in mourning

Naw. Nate's trying to book a trip with the same outfitter.

Monty's Era said...

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cheddarman said...

Where is Nate?

1) Maybe Nate got The Holy Ghost at church camp and decided to become a missionary...not that there is anthing worong with that
2) perhaps he is hanging out with fellow Alpha Donald Trump and laughing at the GOP and smoking expensive cigars
3) co-directing the joint Chinese-Russian military exercises in Asia with his buddy Vladimir

Toothy said...

Show tonight?

Bill said...

My guess; after he sobered up, Nate was reviewing the photos from the Ilkmoot, realized there may be copies on someone else's phone, abandoned Dr. Who, bought a wig and some sensible shoes, and moved to New Zealand, where the sheep don't judge.

Come back, Nate! We'll only laugh for a little while! Promise!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate,

I have a question about studying civil war history, and I noticed from a comment by you at VP once that you probably know where to get started. Have an email I could send the question to? It's a little detailed.

John Williams said...

Nate's reconning Hondo for the Ilk takeover. That's my guess.

Lulabelle (68) said...

Yeah, where is Nate?
Come out, come out.......wherever you are.

cheddarman said...

Nate is borrowing a technique from Hitler...make the crowd wait a while before the triumphal entry and reception of applause from his adoring followers, fainting and hysterically screaming women, that sort of thing

cheddarman said...

Think "triump of the will" movie by Leni Reifenstahl...Nate is looking around for a brlliant architecht to coreograph his entry, and Albert Speer is dead

Bill said...

Asking Nate to come out? Thought he did in the Ilkmoot thread.

Cheddarman said...

Nate is going through a 12 step program. He knows Ohio State is going to completely dominate NCAA football for the next century, and he has to get some "help" to deal with that "awful" truthl.

(if this does not get a response, nothing will)

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