Friday, April 18, 2014

ATF: Shiner... and Ammo!

Hey kids.

Its that time again.

A:  Shiner Black... and Shiner fm 966 farm house ale.  They are both fantastic.  If you can get them where you are... consider yourself blessed... and get on it.

T:  I ain't smokin' tonight.   Something is clearly wrong.  I'll have to smoke double tomorrow.  pity.

F:  Ok...  I wanna talk ammo tonight.  What handgun ammo do you use?  For years I've carried federal hydra shoks....  glaser safety slugs...  black talons...   I've been through a lot.  Lately I've found myself loading up my .40 mags like this.  2 180 grain hornady TAP... and then a federal 180 grain FMJ.  The reasoning here... is you just don't know what your target is going to be wearing... or how big or how hyped he's going to be.  If I'm putting down a 400 pounder hyped up on coke... I'm using an FMJ.  savvy?  Yes... I know there are those who worry about where that FMJ goes if they miss.  I counter that with a simple tactic.

I don't miss.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Awake in the Night Land

Moments ago I finished Awake in the Night Land by John C. Wright.

As I sit to give you my thoughts on it...  the first thing that comes to mind is a question.   How does one review... or critique...  something like this?  I am unfit.

One does not critique the great works of literature.  One appreciates them.  You define good and bad by them.  Good and bad do not apply to them.

And so... it is with quivering hand that I place Awake in the Night Land in the most cherished of bookcases... where it will stand...  not with the merely great.  Not with Zelazny or Heinlein.  No.  It rests with the masters that tower over the merely great.  It shall stand with Tolstoy.... with Faulkner... Defoe... Melville.

A few men have great things to say.  A few great men say things beautifully.

Cherish the tiny few who say a great thing in a beautiful way.

John C Wright is one such man.  Awake in the Night Land is one of the finest books of any type in any genre I have ever read.  It is Moby Dick.  It is Paradise Lost.  It is Crime and Punishment.

This is not hyperbole.  Great books challenge you.  They speak to the spark in your soul.  One may improve himself... by merely reading them.


Go and read.  Go and appreciate.


upon reflection I would offer some advice to the reader.  Read with patience.  Each story builds upon the last.  You will have questions and frustrations as you go.  Keep going.  The struggle of the climb improves the view from the top.

Friday, April 11, 2014


No... I'm not dead.


We've been busy... round these parts..  very very busy indeed.  Old timers will remember Whiskey Girl...  well Whiskey Girl ran off and got married.   I know I know...  We're all depressed too...  but he's a helluva a guy and it was a helluva party... so there is that.

Also... I need to point out that another of our dear beloved smoking hot blonde reader had a birthday today.  By the looks of her she's turned 22 again.  Happy birthday kid.  Love ya.

Now...  on to the other stuff...

So I've gone to war with blogtalk and told them to piss off in the most civil way i could think of.  I got so fed up with their technical issues I just couldn't deal with it anymore. So the show is on hiatus until I find a suitable replacement.  Suggestions welcome.

In the meantime... its back to the written word.  Mea Culpa.

A: Blue Moon Rounder.  Damned nice beer.

T: Carlos Torano something or other...  damned nice smoke.

F: Mossberg 590A1 Mariner.  If you lived down here you'd understand.  damned guns will rust in your hands.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Its Not Your Money

Sit down.   Take a deep breath.  Calm.  Be calm.   Trust me.  You need to settle down about before you read this article.

If you don't have time to read the whole thing... I'll sum it up for you.   A Talladega scrap yard owner was just effectively fined 1.26 million dollars.  His crime?  Withdrawing the money he legally earned, and paid taxes on, $9,900.00 at a time.

Note.  He's not accused of money laundering.   He's not under investigation by the IRS.  He was just taking out cash from his account in such a way that the bank didn't have to report it to the Feds.

Try to remember this the next time some moron tells says "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide."  This many had nothing to hide.  Scrapping is a cash business.  It requires him to keep large amounts of cash on hand.  None of this is illegal.

But intentionally taking out less than the amount of cash that would've set off the bank reports...  well no no no.  We don't hide ANYTHING from our Psychotic Aunt Samantha now do we?  It doesn't matter if we're not doing anything wrong.  Our Psychotic Aunt Samantha WILL be told.

I know this is all collapsing.

I know that in a few years... the US government will be almost totally irrelevant if it even exists at all.

But days like this...  that doesn't seem soon enough.

Friday, March 28, 2014

AFT: No.


Shut up.

Surprise birthday party for one of my boys... and UK vs Louisville.   Not happening.  No way.

A:  Oh hell yeah.  Lots.  For obvious reasons.

T: Victory smoke after the Cats win.

F:   Also lots.  SU-16c is what I'm really feelin' though...  put a new sightmark reflex sight on it.  Diggin' it.


Friday, March 21, 2014

ATF: Struggling...

man its been one of those weeks...   Six has been down with the stomach flu...  and I made the mistake of going to the beach on a day when it was 68 and sunny.

Let me tell you when you should not go to the beach.

Also...  I should also point out...  No one will be using my blog to perpetuate the notion of home births.  Not gonna happen.  Some hippy shit I tolerate... but I have to draw the line somewhere... because honestly I hate hippies.  I mean it.  I hate... I'm using the word hate here... hippies.

And this is a big issue sometimes right especially with the nature crowd... the organic crowd... because if you're not careful... you start sounding like the stupid dirt hippies that want to live in grass huts.  So see a line has to be drawn somewhere.... and I draw on the not hippy side of popping out kids at home with no pain meds like its 1840.   This shouldn't be a surprise.  Wife's an anesthesiologist that loves OB anesthesia.

but...  enough of all that nonsense....  apart from checking in and wishing Mrs Seven and Baby Seven a healthy second week together in this ol' world...

A: Negra Modelo.   Negra.  They haven't been sued for that name.  Yet.  I'm convinced there are people that are to scared to order this in public.

T: I am STILL on my Rocky Patel kick.  Its either a groove or a rut.  I'll tell ya next week.

F:  Benelli Cordoba 20 guage.  fast.  Holy cow is it fast.  above average recoil... more than say the CZ I have...  but very light... very very fast.  sweet sweet semi.

On to the Show:   LINK!

and yes... I will be filling you in on the cliff hanger from last week.   Man I hope BTR doesn't fall apart again...

Friday, March 14, 2014

ATF: On to Seven

Ok kids...  its that time again.  Its been a big week here at the ol' blog...  which is not getting up to 1900 visitors an hour... making it of and on one of the most visited blogs on the whole internets.  And on top of all that... Six is now Seven.

So light up... raise a glass...  the family is a little bigger today... and that's never bad news.

A: Fat Tire Amber Ale.  I'm undecided.  Its not bad.  I'm just undecided.

T: I am on a huge rocky patel kick.. and today is no different.  Rocky never disappoints. Tonight its a Rock Patel Rosado.  its not one of his rock star cigars but its solid... and it was sitting right there.  This one is a little sketchy... if you smoke it to fast it turns bitter.  If you take your time and smoke it like a civilized man...  it will reward ya.

F: Henry Mini-Bolt.   Birthday coming up.

Here's the link y'all

Here.... note the lyrics... and the name...