Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guns, Politics and the Great Asylum

So... Smith and Wesson has partnered with General Dynamics for the new military pistol contract trials. 

That doesn't make much sense on the surface.  I mean what does GenDyn know about handguns?  This is a political marriage kids.  Gen Dyn has an army of lobbyists and tentacles that reach deep into the bowels of the Great Five Walled Asylum.

Heads up kids.  The Trials haven't started yet... and S&W is now officially the front runner.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014


We're back boys!   And if we're back... then dammit we're comin' back right!  So grab a beer... or a bourbon.. and crank this shit to 11!

And welcome back y'all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Misinformation... Dammit

Holy crap look at all these weeds! What is going on around here? Hold on... gimmie a second... let me get this mess cleaned up a bit... there's a blog in here somewhere..


HEY! Here it is!

Ahh... That's better. Now... you're probably wondering what could've happened that brought ol' Nate out of his slumber? Well let me tell ya. And yes... Its Josh's fault.

So I am workin' my ass off on Project X and Josh shoots me a link and says, "Hey look! some game blog has an article about guns!"

So of course... I clicked... and read it. and...  I learned that it was written by a fellow claiming to be a former sniper... blah blah blah... imagine my joy when I find this gem in the article:

"The .38, 9mm and .357 is the same bullet. The difference is the casing. The 9mm has a longer case then the .38, the .357 is longer than the 9mm. What this means is more powder behind the bullet and an increase in velocity. So .38 bullet travels slower than the 9mm bullet which is leaving the barrel at a slower rate of speed then the .357. "

What the fucking fuck did I just read????  Hold on. I am gonna go back and read it again. You do the same. Meet back here when we're done and we'll see if we're delusional of spec ops snipers are really this damned ignorant.


Military snipers are in fact that ignorant.   How ignorant?

That is a picture of a .38 special next to a 9mm. The case on the .38 appears to be longer than the total length of the 9mm bullet and all! (it actually isn't though) Oh... and the same bullet? No. That .38 is a 130 grain hollow point. 9mm full metal jackets are 115 grains.

Honestly... a quick check of wikipedia lists the case length of a 38 special as 1.155 inches.

Wikipedia also lists the case length of 9mm as .754 inches.

So given this... why is the 9mm pushing a bullet of similar weight faster? Well the short answer is... the 9mm is a much more modern cartridge burning modern powders. The .38 special was introduced in 1898. Savvy?

The maximum pressure for a 38 special is listed at around 18,000 PSI. Compare that to the 9mm which is listed at 35,000 psi. This just in... 35,000 psi is a lot more than 18,000 psi... and you don't need to talk to a physicist to understand why one of those bullets is moving a lot faster than the other.

The 9mm is maxing out at pressures that are about the same as the max pressure for a .357 magnum.

And now.. I hope you understand why you shouldn't be going to Game blogs to get information about firearms.

We have gun blogs for that.

If you want to know about guns... come here. If you want to know how to insult fat girls and pretend to be a cool dude... go see the Game guys.

Friday, July 18, 2014

ATF: A Great Loss

How does a .22 caliber 70 grain bullet rolling at about 3100 fps sound?  In case you're keeping track that's hotter than a .223.  What I'm talking about of course is the 5.6x52mmR... otherwise known as the Savage .22 Hi Power... or .22 Imp.  I don't know about you but it sounds pretty damned nice to me.

This round was developed by Savage in 1912, and believe it or not initially became extremely popular among soft skinned dangerous game hunters...  you know... lions and tigers and such.  Looking back that probably wasn't a good idea...  I do believe several folks died because they only wounded the critters.

Still... this has a lot going for it.  It is an extremely accurate round... and its over the magic 3000fps mark.

It fell out of favor here in the US ...  but its still popular in europe I believe.  Anyway.. I dunno about you but I'd like to have one.

A: Woodford Reserve.  Just because.  Dammit.

T:  Gurkha.  As usual.

F:  Hrm...  I figure I better go with the Tracker seven shot .357.  Its been that kind of week around here.

How about you?

Ignorance and Inconsistency

Normally I don't have time for metaphysics and such...  but today I'm making an exception.  So buckle up.

We're told by the learned scientific types that only observable things are real.  For it to be real we must be able to see it... touch it... measure it.  This they say is nature and nature is what can be observed.  If it cannot be observed its imaginary.

Now that sounds reasonable enough.  Except its entirely subjective.  Wait...  you say...  how can that be subjective?  Its observable reality!  

Well lets look at it.  And lets start with matter.  You know what matter is right?  Its material...  its stuff.  It is what the Learned Scientists call "real".  There is a problem with that.  The problem is...  Matter is actually energy.  

You need to understand that.  Matter isn't matter.  Matter is energy.  The particles vibrate slower than energy in other forms and thus appear solid or liquid or even gas to us.  But it still never the less all energy.  And all of this is determined by the frequency the energy is vibrating. 

What this means is... the fact that a different form of energy may be vibrating at a different frequency and is therefore not easily detected by our limited abilities.  The Learned Scientist must therefore conclude that it does not exist.  That's why the position of the Learned Scientist is subjective.  They've take a small subset of energy that happens to behave a certain way and suggested that it is the only energy in existence.

Well...  Except they make an exception for Dark Energy.   Dark Energy is energy that they believe should exist because math says so... but they can't observe it so they accept it as true anyway because arguing with math is never a good option.  

So...  Only matter matters and all matter is energy but the only energy that matters is matter or measurable except for dark energy which matters even though it isn't matter or measurable.

Got it?

Consider this.  You are a being made up of pure energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  It can only change forms.  You are literally eternal.  You are a child of eternity.  You observe and interact with other energy that is vibrating in a similar way to you... and therefore appears to make up your reality... but do not make the arrogant mistake of the Learned Scientist.  Do not ever assume that what you can observe is all that exists.  We see and experience only a small slice.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wanna Go to Bessemer?

Check it out!  Steyr Arms US Headquarters is opening their showroom to the public this friday and saturday.  Normally this is appointment only.  They are selling weapons at big discounts so if you're looking for a road trip... well... this is as good an excuse as any.

Hit the link for all the pertinents and details and such.

I'm not sure I can make it up there but if I can... I will be take some pics and let y'all know how it went.