Friday, September 04, 2015

ATF Show!

Yep!  We're going it tonight finally!  Long time no talk eh?  Yeah I know I know.

Show goes live at 9 central

here's the link.

Thursday, September 03, 2015


For the love of God!!!   




Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Fat Bastard of Fantasy..

Apparently George R. R. Martin is bloviating on 2016 Hugos... He jabbers a lot... so I will save you the time of having to actually read it.  Let me sum up:

Friday, August 07, 2015

Yes... There is a Show tonight

Blah Blah Blah... Here's the link sorry man... feelin' a little meh... A: Wild Turkey Silver Anniversary. (not worth the money.) T: Gurkha overuns... some sort.. CI special. Yummy F: S&W 640 with Crimson Trace Here's the call in number (646) 668-2515

Friday, July 24, 2015

The ATF RETURNS! Again...

yeah i know... look its been a busy week ok?  Taking over the world is not easy and it doesn't happen all at once.  Cut me some damn slack.

but I digress...

The show link!   is...


Where is the show link...

WHOA!  no.. ok.. ctrl-p did NOT work...  ummm... hold on...


ok... whew... that's better

Friday, July 17, 2015

Church Camp... No ATF

Sorry kids...  takin' a bunch of kids to church camp this weekend.  I'll be gone till monday.  Y'all are on your own.

Sip something for me.  I'll be detoxing...  involuntarily.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ilkmoot: After Action Report - Part II

PuppyPalooza was a great time...  but at long last I looked at my watch and realized it was 8:40 and the ATF show was supposed to kick off at 9.   Over the next 10 minutes we tried to figure out who was going where with whom... and eventually a bunch of guys piled into my truck and we bailed for Bastrop. 

I dropped larry off at the house...  or... tried too...  Larry had locked himself out of his house...  somehow.  And that sucked... because all of our fantastic booze was in there.   So now me and Clint have to drive out back to the hotel dry... and try to do the ATF show... dry.

I made it to the room late... called up Six... and he didn't answer the phone so I punted.. and just tried to do the show myself.  There was no hype or even announcement of the show so I doubt very many of you heard it live.  Those of you who did... did.  Anyway Clint realized I was doing the show with no booze... and he was deeply offended by this... so he went out and grabbed a case of Shiner Bock.  God Bless him.    We bullshitted for a while on air... and the door to my hotel room gets thrown open.. and in bursts the boys... with Marrku in tow.  

I killed the show as fast as I could... ran over gave Marrku a huge hug...  which... he was clearly prepared for  because he was not at all uncomfortable.   I was deeply disappointed by this. 

It was drinking and merriment in the room for the next several hours...   I know at one point Josh... a very polite and reserved young man of 25...  was looking at the label on my Knob Creek Barrel Strength Bourbon...   120 proof.

He pours himself a couple fingers.. and takes a drink like its no big deal at all.

Then he nearly explodes.   Face turns red...  eyes clamp down...  I thought the kid was gonna die.

He realized I saw this and he deadpanned "I thought it was gonna come out my nose."

Kid had misread the label.. he thought it said 20 proof.   Just totally ignored that 1 in the hundreds position.   Well... Lesson learned eh? anway we stayed up bullshitting and drinking until at some point we realized Marrku was gone.   Clint was sitting on the foot of the bed... but he was glassy eyed...  no one was home.   We figured it was time to pack it up... and started moving people to the door when I looked down at the bathroom door and see a black socked foot on the floor in the doorway.  We found Marrku inside.   Pictures were taken.

Me and Larry and Matthew got Marrku to bed...  I remember finding a trashcan somewhere to put by the bed...  just in case.   the boys all headed to bed... and I crashed too.

We slepted until about 10...  both Marrku and I were kind of half ass awake...  and I suggested he jump in the shower.  He thought that was an excellent idea... since he really wanted to wash the detroit off...

At some point I got out of bed and walked across the room... and I realized that was a spectacularly bad idea...  so I went right back to bed.

Eventually we got our shit together enough to be mobile... and we decided we needed to get some damn coffee.  I ended up driving right back to that same tex-mex place.. where we proceeded to stuff ourselves on coffee, fajitas, and yep..  Marrku had a beer.

Marrku dug the mexican food.  I had to point out that the next time he started thinking about how fat americans are... he should remember that we have this kind of food available... all the time.  any time we want it.

You'd be fat too.

Now... I know this is taking a while...  but I am a busy guy these days...  so you'll just have to wait.   Because we pick up next at Larry's place...  and then its off to the shooting range.  But all of that...

Is in Part III.