Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Otherside of the Coin

The Resident RocketScientist says:

This reminds me of something Mrs. Astro told me about this "Christian" sorority she thought about joining one semester at Texas A&M. She went to a few meetings, got to know a couple of the other girls, but in the process, she found out very non-Christian things about them.The one that sticks in my mind was the girl who was sleeping with every guy she dated, because she wanted to make sure she married someone who was good in bed. You know, since she'd be stuck with him the rest of her life.

So allow me for once to play the devil's advocate. The girl is correct. You are stuck with what you get the rest of your life. In reality, sexual incompatibility is a huge issue in marriage. It's one that some overcome and some simply do not. So I thought I should go ahead and share the 100% true nitemare scenario so you can judge for yourself.

During her OB/Gyn rotation in medical school DrWho learned of a situation that was just to sad. She was discussing out-of-the-ordinary situations with her attending and this came up. It seems one day a particularly attractive married woman came in to the office. When the attending got ready to examine her, he found that her hymen was still intact. The woman was visibly humiliated, but stated that she was sexually active... her husband simply wasn't big enough to break it. The attending explained that the exam would break it and effectively take her virginity, and she was ok with it. Think about that. Talk about Captain Tiny!

Now... we can all laugh at this poor soul's husband, but the fact is the odds of this chick getting knocked up by natural means are practicly nill, not to mention the fact that she's likely never had a real orgasm and probably never will... well... from her husband at least. Heaven knows what'll happen when she realizes that there are actually men with penises out there. I'm just sayin'.. Odd's are this chick's gonna have a happy mailman.

So... is pre-marital sex sin? Yeah it is. Is divorce sin? yeah. It is. Is cheating on your spouse sin? Yeah it is. Is one sin better than a lifetime of sin? That's your call babe.

How about a story from the other side?

I gotta buddy... good Church of Christ kid. Found a hot little thing down at the University of North Texas... Great girl... or so everyone thought... including him. They dated a long time. Plenty of time to get to know one another and talk about their plans. She was also very upfront about the fact that she was saving herself for marriage. Something that my buddy dug.

Blah blah blah... They get married, fly off to the honeymoon... where they spend the next 5 days sleeping seperately. The girl spent the entire time in tears, because horror of horrors... my buddy wanted to have sex with his new wife. Within a month of the marriage she had moved back in with her parents because she couldn't bare to live with such a "pervert". They were divorced after a total of 3 months of marriage.

Now here's my advice kids... You're signin' up for the rest of your life... and you ain't doin' it because you want to be celibate. Do ya have to have premarital sex to be sure it will work out? Of course not. But boys... you better damned well make out with her enough to make sure she doesn't have psycho anti-sex issues... and girls.... ya better find a way to make sure your prospective mate has the required tackle. No one's goin' to Hell for heavy over the clothes petting.

People... God forgives.

Divorce lawyers do not.

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