Monday, May 29, 2006

Yankee Holiday

If anything at all, a good southron should be celebrating the 300,000 yankees we killed in our war for independence. This day was not, and to this day, largely is not, for us. It was designated to honour the yankee dead from the war.

Confederate Memorial Day varies from state to state... and is still recognized today.

As for those good southrons who died in the US Army post WWI, I suggest that those who choose to honour them today are welcome to do so, but they would be better off remembering them on the Confederate Memorial Day of their state. Those boys weren't going off fighting krouts or slants or charlie to defend some know-it-all buckeye. They were doing it to defend home, and home is the South. Home is Tennessee... or Georgia... or Alabama.

Not far from my old house in Morgantown there is a monument to the Yankee dead from the War for Southron Independence.

Regretfully... This is the first Memorial Day in 5 years that I won't have the pleasure of pissing on it.

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