Monday, September 24, 2007

Any Given Monday

The Prologe:

Its been almost 3 years since my beloved Titans played on Monday Night... and then it was a meaningless game against the Chiefs. The Titans were decimated by injuries and were reduced to trickery. Billy Volek and Drew Bennett actually set records for td passes. It was insane.

Ah... but tonight should be completely different.

The Preview:

This is more like it. The Titans have an atheletic offensive line with a mean-streak. Kevin Mawae is borderline dirty and David Stewart has had his fair share of personal fouls. They'll be plowing the road not for a speedster or a dancer... but a hammer.

Lendale White is a Jeff Fisher running back. He's one cut... north and south... move the pile, move the chains... cart the saftey off the field. His task is made quite a bit easier of course... because defenses have to play contain. That opens up the middle and the lanes. That's because they have to contend with...

Vince Young has been called one of the most feared players in the NFL. If you saw Bob Sanders nearly break his ankles trying to make an openfield tackle on Young then you know why. Young's legs open up the whole field. Tonight though... tonight could well be about his arm. So far the WR's main contribution has been simply to walk on the field and force someone to cover them. That takes defenders out of the middle and makes the Hammer's lanes a little wider still. Tonight may be the night the young WR corp gets to earn its stripes.

And what of the other side?

The Fire Wall:

The Titans defensive line is vicisous. At tackle they have The Devastator... Albert Haynesworth. He's been known to single handed dominate an offense so much so that the Titans coaching staff literally scraps their whole game plan. Now beside him he has a rotation of Corey Simon and Tony Brown. On the otherside of Haynesworth you'll find KVB. Kyle Vanden Bosch. He of the infinite motor. Kyle's been moved to the other side of the line this year to get him more one on one matchups. He's going against the offense's best lineman, the left tackle, but so far the switch has been productive. Kyle and Albert make a mess of things. Ask Peyton Manning. On the left side of the d-line you'll see Antwaan Odom... a speed rusher that's a lot stronger than he looks. He has a serious Jevon Kearseness about him... and he has the injury history to prove it. He's been healthy this year though... and he's been wreaking havok.

The Prophets of Doom:

The addition of Fowler at middle lineback is a huge boon. Fowler is a big hitter. He's a thug. He swallows running backs, and that frees up Bulluck to be the predator he was meant to be. Number 53 will be stalking around the middle of the field... looking for interceptions and knockout shots. On the other side you'll find Thornton... fast... solid against the run... sort of the conscience of this group. He's always where he's supposed to be.

The Sinister Secondary

Two new corners this year solidify this group. Harper and Finnegan will be the names you'll see most of the night. 1st round pick Micheal Griffin will show up as well. In the nickle Vinny Fuller comes in. Fuller is someone to keep an eye on. He's a ball hawk with a nasty burst and always seems to make something happen. Behind them you'll find the safeties... both cover... both hit. Chris Hope is the rockstar of the secondary... something tells me that by the end of the second quarter you'll know why.

And what of the Saints?

Well... I'd do a write on them... but come on... they're just another victim. They're tonights designated road kill... its like breaking down a crippled old man before his fight with a pissed of lion. There's no reason to rub it in his face.


The Preparation:

- Margaritas... check.
- Victory Cigar... check.
- Queso and chips... check.
- Corona... check.
- Titans gear... check.


DrWho's already off for her pre-game nap. Something she learned from Steve McNair. Don't complain to us about late night games. Get a power nap in early and stay up with the big dogs.

A couple hours before game time we'll fire up the pre-game meal. An hour to go... it'll be time to settle in... start the drinkin'.... arrange the snacks and insure the all necessities are in place.

T minus 30 minutes. Time to suit up. On come the jersey's and game hats. yes.... everyone.

T minus 10 minutes. We're starting to get pumped up at this point. There is chest bumbing and hand slapping. The woofing has begun.

T minus 5 minutes. Any Given Sunday goes into the DVD. Que up the Inches Speech.

Game Time... it will be bedlam just before kick off... either a quiet storm of pent up energy waiting to erupt... or stomping screaming and yelling chaos. Ya never know.

Doesn't matter.

Its Monday Night. Its the Titans and the Saints. Its Rock and Roll.

The Prediction:

Who needs one? The Titans are gonna stomp a mudhole in the Saints. Write it down.

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