Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nate on Ron Paul

Let me see if I can sum up the best arguement I've heard yet for supporting Ron Paul...

"If any snowball can make it in Hell... This snowball can!"

That's all could and well.. but neither physics nor chemistry bow to intentions. The fact is... compared to the flies of the Republican party... he's a misquito... which means he may actually bite and cause some irritation... but in the end... he'll just get swatted.... that's assuming he even makes it past the initial fumigations designed to eliminate misquitos entirely.

Listen... there is an ironclad law about elections... simply put... The candidate with the most money wins. Now... that's not to say necessarily that the money causes the victory. The truth is donations are an extremely accurate measure of support. The more popular a candidate is... the more folks give him... or it... as the case may be... financial support.

The losers always claim the coffers were boosted by the nefarious special interests... but the fact is... if that were the case... the same side would almost always win.... because the same people have the same money to give each cycle.

Wake up people.

The RNC is broke.

Hilary will be elected.

I suggest you make your plans to bug out... or make your plans to fight and die.


I see nothing worth dieing for.

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