Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Riddance

I'm frequently told that we're not in the midst of an epic economic collapse because conditions today aren't as bad as they were in the Great Depression. I think the people of Detroit would disagree.

Consider this... In Detroit proper, the unemployment rate is now higher than it was in the peak of the Great Depression there. Not only that... but back then the numbers were figured far more strictly counting for people down to age 16.

Not only that... the city can no longer afford to bury its dead.

As is the case with most areas... if a family claims a body there and cannot afford to bury it, the city will bury the body in a plain pine casket in a nearby cemetary with a marker. So far... there are 55 bodies sitting in a freezer in the central morgue because the families can't afford to bury them, and the city is broke.

Whole areas of the city are abandoned... and are slowly turning back into wilderness. It looks like some place you'd find in Fallout.

As the city dies this slow agonizing death... I can only chuckle. A more wretched hell hole has likely never existed on this continent. Perhaps every major metropolitan area of the United States will suffer this same indignant death.

We should be so lucky.

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