Friday, January 01, 2010

So What Are You Gonna Do?

I have a friend that's going to summit Mt. Rainier this year.

I'm gonna ski Vail for the first time. Other than that... I haven't decided... but I know I will do something extraordinary in 2010... and it will involve a firearm or a motorcycle... or most likely... both.

But what?

That's me today. That's where I am. Ride to.... where?

The Big One is still out there. The one JAC and I always talk about... but seems just to impossible to consider. The ride to the Arctic Circle. It would be our first international ride. It would be an extreme ride to be sure... but what's the point of perfecting your long distance skill... if you don't ride long distances?

He has a GS. I have an RT. Why on earth shouldn't we ride to the arctic circle? Well.. besides the fact that it will take a month... And don't we have to finish the Trans Am Trail first? Maybe that's it.

But what about Africa? Couldn't I go hunt in Africa?

Or couldn't I just go to Texas and hunt a russian boar with a knife?

Or maybe I could have a fourth son?


That's a big damned word for just two little letters. But or... no... not or... how about... perhaps... yes...


Perhaps.... I just do what I always do.

And try to take over the world.

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