Friday, June 18, 2010


Ya know... as one that generally don't like people... I can reliably be counted on to avoid crowds and groups in general.... on account of the fact that they are made up of people. Still... I have been been taken aback by the hospitality of the folks in this little town.

Its hard to beat a night at a cookout with good folks... and well... if you ever get a chance to drink beer with the mayor of a small southern town... I highly recommend it.

Its not to say that I didn't love Dickson County... we did... and still do. But these folks have gone so far out of their way to make us feel like a valued part of the community... even before we'd gotten our furniture arranged.

Anyway.... My wife had to stifle her shock as I was seen drinking beer from a can. But at least it was Yuenglings lager. Not bad.

So that's got the A taken care of.... how about the T? Any suggestions? Anyone smokin' an onyx out there? Arturo maybe? if so I'm jealous as hell. Oh wait... look here... its a Romeo y Julietta... Yeah I'm slumming it.

F? Anyone handled the new taurus polymer wheel guns? What say you? Blasphemy? Or a great idea for lightweight heavy punch concealment?

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