Friday, August 13, 2010


A: Makers Mark 46. Yes. I'm obsessed. Try it. Trust me.

T: Twist. If you know what it is.. you know. If you don't... you don't. this particular one soaks in bourbon in a zip lock bag. Notice a theme here?

F: Ruger Vaquero... .44mag. Sometimes a big shiney gunslinger rig just feels right.

Raise your hand if you own a single six. Anyone? My vaquero is in the same caliber as a winchester model 94.. so I am pretty set for cowboy action shooting if I were to ever take it up... but its not my thing. Round these parts though.. they make great deer and boar gun because the brush is so damned thick. Never seen pines this tight.

So lets have it boys.. who has cowboy guns?

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