Friday, January 20, 2012

ATF Returns

A: Dos Equis Bueano Noche
T: Cavandish and a scrimshaw. beat that.
F: custom 1911 I built with my own hands. Ok my brothers helped to.

How about some tunes to?

Hell yeah. Feelin' better now? I sure as hell am. So lets talk about the manly arts and Christmas gifts. I mean when you can combine taxidermy and Christmas things have to be goin' your way right? Which brings me to my brother's christmas gifts. They got honest to God authenti-genuine Bull Organ walkin' sticks. Yep. Re-read that if you to. Walkin' sticks made out of preserved bull dicks. Hell yeah!

Both asserted that these were among the finest gifts they have ever been given.

How about it boys? What ya drinkin? What ya smokin? What ya fondlin'? What ya listen to? What's the most badass christmas prize you've been given?

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