Monday, April 15, 2019

Tiger doing Tiger Things

Hey.. so first of all sorry about missing Friday night.   I am serious about restarting the ATF show.  I just had no voice on Friday night.  We ended up taking our kids and DJ's girls to a theme park nearby and instead of spending a couple hours like we anticipated... we had the time of our lives and were there all day.  That said..  there will be ATF shows on a far more regular basis henceforth.    Now...  on to the post.

I'm not a golf person.  That said I appreciate excellence in just about anything.  The Masters is the one golf event that I will actually put on the television and enjoy.  Granted I don't actually watch it.  I consider it to be the absolute best background television option of the year.  Think about it.  Background tv can be really nice...  much like background music can be really nice.  The Masters... watched in such a way is perfect.  Its mostly shots of beautiful scenery and relatively smart people making calm soft comments that you don't actually have to listen to.  So if you're at work or working on something.. you can turn on The Masters and it will sort of make whatever you're actually doing a little better.  My primary complaint this year was that there weren't enough shots of pretty girls in sundresses.  All people love women in sundresses.  and no... I am not saying that there has never been a claim against sundresses.  I'm saying that those who would make such a claim are likely not people.

Imagine my irritation however to have my favorite background tv interrupted by... something interesting.  

It started as a mere distraction.  Tiger is playing well.  For a guy my age... Tiger was a phenom almost on par in terms of dominance as Tyson was.  Now Tiger didn't make Golf an absolute must see event every time he played the way Mike Tyson did with Boxing.  But we got very used to seeing the man do utterly insane things on sportscenter… back when ESPN actually broadcast sports.

But that all ended way back in 2005... oh he won a major here and all the way up until 2011 but he was not utterly dominant the way he had been.  The game caught up to him... and his own bizarre fitness obsession destroyed his body.

And that's what made Sunday so fantastic.  If there is a professional athlete that has overcome more than Tiger to get back on top... I cannot think of who that is.

If you cannot appreciate that something is broken inside you.


Clint said...

Agreed. It was great.

HoosierHillbilly said...

Josh Hamilton is the one I can think of to put up against it, but his does not have the arc of reading like some German epic. Love or hate Tiger, it is something out of a storybook. Another reason that sports is crucial to health of a people. Gives them shared stories in the modern age when we have so few collective memories. A pale glimmer, but still valuable.

Res Ipsa said...

I got me a bottle of rye, a Churchill and a spot where the river comes out of the mountains. It's also got cell service so if there's an ATF no earlier than 8:30 eastern I'll try to call in and give a grizz report.

RM said...

Hey Nate,

I figured I'd post this here since I can't get hold of you any other way.

Remember that omega who posted for Vox's Alpha Game, a bunch of years back?

That was me.

I took your advice. . . the slay your dragons post. I quit my job awhile back, went and worked the oil fields in Texas, lived out of my SUV for a bit, backpacked through South America, drank Ayahuasca with a bunch of Shamans (tripped balls and saw some wild shit), tried Kambo:, hiked Patagonia, went skydiving etc.

Anyway, you were right, I can talk to pretty much any girl out there at this point. . . although the hot blonde I'm dating right now approached me first.

Your advice was on point, and pretty damn inspiring, so I figured I'd send thanks your way.

It did me a lot of good.

If you're ever up in Salt Lake City hit me up, I'll buy you a beer.

Robert M