Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Total Crap

Wow. That was without question the worst coverage of a competetive event that its ever been my sorry misfortune to witness. It was less a sporting event, and more a documentary.

DCI finals is made up of the final performancs of the top 12 drum corps from the semi's. Each show is roughly 10 minutes long... ESPN showed maybe... maybe 2 minutes of each show. The rest of the time was spent with BS filler.

It was clear that they didn't think the corps themselves were entertaining enough, so... no doubt some female producer decided to focus on BS emotional stories. I'm fuming here.

The misjudgements were to numerous to mention... but here are some notable ones...

- They talked about the Blue Coats drumline at length... then didn't show the drum break at all... in fact, they really didn't show anything that would make you think the Blue Coats had anything but an average drumline.

- They would show replays of part of the 2 minutes of each show... like you need a highlight when you only watched 2 minutes in the first place.

- They then yapped all the way through the highlight... Ya know.. I can't tell if that quad lick was clean or not if your running your damned mouth over the top of it...

- Those stupid NAMM comercials.

- Those stupid "posed in the smoke" intro things.

- Way to much time spent focusing on the guard fags.

See... DCI earned this coverage. PBS has been broadcasting it for 20 years... and the numbers were good enough that ESPN noticed and decided it wanted a piece of the action. But they totally blew it. Kids all over the country recorded the PBS production because it showed the complete shows. They watch them over and over again, and use them for ideas in their own marching shows.

Anyone who recorded that crap last night got 10 minutes of drum corp and 2 hours of trash.

Anyway... The Cadets destroyed everyone, like we all knew they would. They won every caption and tied the highest DCI score ever. 99.150.

The announcers called the show "The Greatest Drum Corp Performance of All Time".

Sure... but it wasn't great enough to show more than 3 minutes of it. Assholes.

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