Friday, October 07, 2005


Hello Friends.... Hello Neighbors... reckon its that time again...

Well it's been a helluva week here at the Bloggerblaster... so I reckon its time we top her off right. I've kicked things off with a beer... Just a plain ol' AmberBock nothin' special. But things are gonna pick later this evenin'. You can count on that.

Courtesy of Welldigger the BloggerBlaster Humidor is stocked thoroughly and well. We'll be firing up either a Patargas or some manner of Arturo Fuente later on... and we'll be sippin' Makers Mark and... maybe cappin' it all off with a nip of the Bookers... Might even slide a snuff of 1792 in there somewhere... Hard to say.

Yessir... The Vice Cabinet is in good shape.

Ya know the great thing about the Vice Cabinet... it's Julie's Grandmother's china cabinet. Now see.. Julie's grandmother was a Tee Totaler... Well... that's not exactly true... She was a good Church of Christ woman though... and like any good Church of Christ woman, she was happiest when she was pointing out that everyone was going to Hell but her.

One time Julie and I went to see her when she was in the nursing home... we talked a while... she asked if I was a christian... I answered... then later on she asked where I worshipped. I told her about the little methodist church downtown that we liked. She then looked away from me and said...

"Oh... I thought you said you were a Christian."

So anyway... Julie got the china cabinet the old broad loved so much... and I've now got it stocked with my various vices. I hope you can see how a man could derive a certain satisfaction from such things.

Kinda like the kind I get when I get to point out that if one was to apply the GMC Truck slogan to Kimber.. he'd come up with; "Kimber Firearms: Amatuer Grade."

Well that's what Olympic Shooters are right? Amatuers?

The professionals... From Rob Leatham to the FBI Hostage Rescue Unit... shoot Springfield. Bartender? One Tactical Response Pistol please... oh yeah.. Make that Teflon coated... Night Sights? Please. Thank ya... Thank ya very much.

Well there ya go kids... Bourbon... Tobacco... and Guns... I don't know what else a man could ask for... besides boobs of course... Kristy? Ya readin' this?

So that's it for me... I'll let y'all know how the cigars smoke and which ones I chose... You already know what I think of the bourbon... though I may pontificate a little anyway.

What'll it be boys?

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