Friday, January 06, 2006

Interesting. Very Interesting.

Vince Young calls Steve McNair, "Big Papa."

Big Papa was in the stands at the Rose Bowl. He was hugging Mack Brown after the big win. He spent time with Vince before flyin' back to Nashville. Kinda makes ya think doesn't it?

Remember when McNair was lightin' it up at Alcorn State? He was a scrambling QB who had a wierd motion. Some folks thought he should be the first over-all choice... others thought he'd never amount to anything in the NFL.

Sound familiar?

The Titans, the Oilers back then, took a chance on McNair. They had a proven QB... so they benched him.. tore down his throwing motion... rebuilt it... and brought him up to NFL speed. They were patient with him. They developed a huge talent into an MVP level quarterback.

What's changed?

Jeff Fisher is still coaching the Titans... Floyd Reese is still the GM... they have two proven NFL quarterbacks...

Interesting indeed.

McNair as a player/coach.... Billy Volek the starting QB... Bringing Vince along with the young wide outs that did so well this year?

Yes... interesting.

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