Wednesday, April 26, 2006

God's Law and the State

Bill rightly notes that the King of Nineveh actually incorporated God's Law into Civil laws of the City, as told in the Book of Jonah. Bill also points out that this is different than adopting Christianity as a National Religion. I do not disagree.

Where we see things differently is the modern emplimentation.

The plain truth is the catholic Church has no clue what God's Law is or isn't. At least if you're looking for any type of consensus. Many Christians flatly believe that drinking is a sin. They beileve it breaks God's Law.

Now... they're wrong. Terribily terribly wrong... but they still get a vote... and there's a lot of them. The Church is so divided it can't even decide what day is the Sabath... wether or not God is offended by Dancing or musical instruments.

The fact is... the laws on which Christians do agree have already been implimented. Thou Shalt Not Steal. Thou Shalt Not Murder. Ect. Ect. Beyond those... anything more simply gives the government to much power. This wasn't an issue in Nineveh of course, because well... where kings are present limited government is not. No real worry about a slippery slope in Nineveh... they were already a dictatorship.

Bill appears to advocate the road to Peticoat Tyranny.

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