Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Immigration Solution: Nate Style

This is not a difficult question to deal with folks. Here's my plan for handling the illegal immigrant problem.

1) Require all schools to verify nationality and legal citizenship status. Illegals need our schools desperately and they use them as daycare centers. If such an option wasn't available it would put a big kink in their plans.

2) Arrest all illegal immigrants immediately.

3) Conscript them. For every year you were in America illegally, you owe America 1 year of military service. After the service term full citizenship is granted without question.

4) Wives of conscripted husbands will be used in civilian service to the military, doing whatever they are capable of. There will be a greater need for domestic help. This should tidy things up quite a bit.

Call it the American Foriegn Legion. They will learn English and culture by emersion. Its the best way anyway.

That's my plan. Call it racist. Just don't call it ineffective.

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