Monday, June 05, 2006

Ridin' With DJ

I'm sure y'all realized I was gone this weekend... what with the absense of ATF on Friday night. We were headin' down to Georgia to meet up with Julie's family for the weekend... KLX in tow for a saturday adventure with Darlin' Joy.

The Weapons of Choice:

DJ has a cool little Ninja 250 that I dearly love. So much fun. So flickable... its just like a real sportbike... almost. She keeps the thing wound up tight too... I don't think it dropped below 9,000rpms all day. Y'all already know about the KLX.

An Auspicious Start

First things first. DJ wanted me to teach her to change her oil. Which of course meant she wanted me to change her oil for her. I was actually going through the motions of pretending to teach her to change her oil when she informed me that she'd recently done her nails. So of course I changed her oil. This is where I really began to fall in love with the little Ninja. Working on it is even easier than my KLX. The oil filter change is quick... ingeniusly quick. And yes... JAC... I told her all about loctite.

On the Road

Maintanence complete we headed out to fuel up and see what we could see. Once out of the neighborhood I was immediately struck with the realization that Joy could actually ride. The little red bike was would up tight... and she was flicking it into turns like she'd ridden all her life. It took me most of the day to get used to that.

We meandered all around Lake Lanier... finding what fun we could. The lake is beautiful. Honestly I've never seen so many sailboats. I even found a sand bar to get a better look.


You'd be amazed at how fast that bike tire breaks loose in the sand. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Elvis! Performing live at the buffet! Classic!

Sadly we didn't stay to see the King. Nor did we partake of the buffet. Place looked like a real good spot to get in a fight... and well... DJ's cute but I don't think her right hook is that intimidating. We rode on and found us a pizza and sub shack and called it a draw.

All in all we had us a big time. I blew past a fatass on a Harley... and paced one all the way up highway 369 on my little 250 thumper. Dude was givin' it all he had... and I was right on his butt. Ever curve he'd look in his mirror and just shake his head. God help the boy if DJ had decided to blow by. He'd never have been able to live with himself.

I'll work on her. A girl has to take these opportunities when they're presented.

Anyway... we had a big day... Hope y'all enjoy the pictures. There are more over at DJ's blog. Check 'em out.

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