Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Believe It Was Jesus Who Said,

"How many times do I have to explain this to you morons?"

Ok... not in those words. But since He didn't, I will. And right about now you're askin', "What's got this redneck so pissed off now?" Well let me tell ya.

I see this amendment to the Homeland Security Bill... says the Feds can't confinscate guns from law abiding citizens in times of emergency. I note many Republicans are patting themselves on the back and pointing and laughing at the conehead liberals who voted against the bill.

Ya know what?

I would've voted with Feinstein.

Ya know why?

Because its a stupid bill. Follow the logic you morons. The Law will now say, in the case of emergency, the federal government can not confiscate firearms. So what's the corrollary? Duh. When there isn't an emergency... THEY CAN.

When Homeland Security decides to confiscate guns... the Liberals can now say, "the law specificly states we can't do it in a time of emergency. No emergency has been declared." And ya know what?

They'll be right.


When the Republicans try to fight the confiscation, the liberals will then point out that the Republicans overwhelmingly voted FOR the very law that they are now complaining about.

You think the media won't spin this right down the People's throats? You're dead wrong.

This is BAD BAD BAD BAD news.

Remember this: Hillary can now claim that the law was written to prevent a rash over-reaction based on a state of emergency. She can claim that its a tough decision. Not a reaction. People will fall for this. Law and Order Republicans always believe in honoring the Law. Even when its an Evil law.

You people have watched the left pull crap like this for decades... and here you go... falling for it again. You never learn.

You cannot win by use of government power. It can't happen. You can only win buy asserting individual authority over the government, or state authority over federal. When you give the government an inch, it takes a mile.

This is disturbing to me on many many levels. Widespread confiscation will lead to our nations first civil war... and this looks an aweful lot to me like a classic first step to that confiscation.

You morons... what have you done? What have you done?

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