Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pop Culture Prophets and Media Messiahs

The archetype is so universal its almost trite. You've all seen homeless guy with the sign... proclaiming doom and the destruction of the world. Its the image foremost in the mind of all militant atheists... and perhaps ever more so in the minds of the post-modern american populace.

I ask you... how does this archetype differ from Al Gore? Or Sheryl Crow?

Each shouts to the masses that they must change their behavior to avoid the world's immenant destruction.

Neither has anything but faith to back up their assertion.

We're told that Modern Man receives no sermons. This is lie. Modern Man is preached at continually... and extremely effectively. It just doesn't come from a pulpit. Instead it comes from the Media Messiahs... mostly self-appointed.

You have problems? Bill O'Reilly can solve them.... and if he can''ve always got CNN.

The message is extremely different... but its still preaching. Diversity... Feminism... Leftist politics... so-called conservative politics.... From Rush Limbaugh to Jim Rhome... we call it media... but preaching is what it is.

Your worldview doesn't just decide what music you like and what tv shows make you laugh. The music and television also affect your world view. Take Will and Grace for example. The message was clear and widely recieved: homosexuality is normal. Homosexuals behave the exact same as hetrosexuals. There is no difference. The message was hidden amonst comedy... to make it palitable even to those who'd normally despise it. It worked. I saw it work. Religous people who were deeply offended by homosexuality would watch that show and not realize how it was affecting their view.

You may think that effect was good... you may think it was evil... the point is... there was an effect. One that the vast majority is totally oblivious to.

Advertising campaigns show us the solutions to all our problems... Just do it! Havin' a bad day? Go on a spending spree with that Visa! They focus not on the product... but on the image people have of those who use the product. Nike makes you cool. Apple makes you Cool.

Where do you get your ethics?

Do they come from the pulpit? or do they come from elsewhere? Do you have opinions because they are you own... the result of research and thoughtful introspection? Or do you have opinions because a Media Messiah put them there?

Is diversity good? How do you know?

Are all people the same? How do you know?

I'm talking about process here. What are you exposed to and how does it affect you? I don't know... and I don't need to know... but you do need to know. Because this stuff works. It has a powerful influence over you.

One is wise to understand what he is exposed to.

The world is ending! Change your wicked ways before its to late!!! Fossil Fuels are Sin! Repent and buy a Sacred Hybrid! Second Hand Smoke is the Devil!!! Buckle Your Seat Belt of face Holy Judgement! Get out and vote! Its the most important election of our lifetime!!!

Just remember... the man may not have wild eyes, long greasy hair, and a billboard sign.... but he's still preaching... and he's still just as insane.

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