Monday, August 20, 2007

Matt Proves My Point

Oh dear... It seems that our dear little Matt has wadded up his panties. From these comments... its almost like he doesn't like me. I hope that's not the case... I mean... if I thought he really didn't like me... I just don't think my fragile psyche could stand up to the strain.

Consider this comment:

"So the southerners I described didn't exist.Okay I just wanted to make sure, you lying hypocritical fraud.Goodbye, liar. Good luck poisoning your son's mind with total bullshit instead of telling him the truth. Obviously, it was the manners and stench of the "yankees" the confederates should have worried about and not their disregard for the freedom of their fellow Americans. Looks like you're the real yankee here, according to your own definition."

Now seriously... if that's not the haloscan equivalent of stomping your girly little high heel, stomping off to the powder room and slamming the door behind you... I just don't know what is.

See... Matt and I both made claims... I claimed that yankees were lying assholes that can't be trusted and spend to much time telling others how to live. Matt claimed that all southrons used crack.

In turn... Matt produced no evidence of these crack using Southrons... while I provided an example of yankee that fit my description perfectly... Matt himself.

So... Mattie... when you get done in the powder room... dry your little eyes and sling back home. Like the vast majority of the northern transplants currently infesting Dixie... no one here wants you around.

So... sincerely...

Fuck off.

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