Thursday, April 18, 2013

ATF: Tomorrow Night

Epic news on the ATF Show tomorrow night.  Our first live remote!  That's right kids... Tomorrow night we broadcast from Tuscaloosa.  Its A-Day Eve.

God, Guns, and Gold from the holy ground of college football.

Roll Tide.


Flannel Avenger said...

Isn't "Roll Tide" a curse word to folks from Tennessee?

Nate said...

'cept I ain't from Tennessee. Went to high school and college there. Lived there most of my life.

I was born in Kentucky though.

Nate said...

I was never a UT fan. I respect UT. I know a ton of UT's history and appreciate it. Generally speaking UT is probably the team I would like to see win the SEC if Bama didn't.

But I'm not a UT fan. I am and always have been a Bama fan.

Vidad said...

Are you calling in from the field?

patrick kelly said...

How bout' them Aggies!!
(from UT country, the other UT, Austin TX)

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "I was never a UT fan."

Nate: "Days like today.... I just hate being a Tennessee fan."

Nate said...

Waterboy.... Titans /= Vols.

Res Ipsa said...

Nate its ok to like more than one football team. It’s a lot like the way we feel about women. Normally a guy likes blonds or whatever, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a red head every once in awhile.

Eric said...

Link for the show?

SDH said...

I was all primed to call in tonight. I wanted to be the one to take the ATF Show International.

I owe you and Raggededge a huge thank you for turning me onto Basil Hayden's.

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "Titans /= Vols."

Right...because in a blog post titled "Fulmer Sucks" (Philip, coach, Tennessee) a game against which Leak (Chris, QB, Florida) and Riggs (Gerald Jr, RB, Tennessee) are both mentioned...which also mentions UT and the was quite obviously a post about the Titans.

Because Philip Fulmer coached the Tennesee Titans.

Because Gerald Riggs, Jr. played for the Tennessee Titans.

Because Chris Leak played for the Florida Dolphins.

Because UT refers to Unbelievable Titans.

Because SEC refers to Southern Entertainment Culture.

Because of all these things, you were obviously referring to hating being a fan of the Titans.


Flannel Avenger said...

I seem to have caused some mischief...

WaterBoy said...

It's all good, FA -- it's what we do. Poke where the pokin's good.

Flannel Avenger said...

Yes indeed. I just didn't quite expect for Nate to get caught with his pants down like that. LOL.

WaterBoy said...

Okay, tip #1:

Never mention "pants down" next to another comment about "pokin".

It's just not right.

bw said...

Roll Tide?

Nick Satan would do the same thing anywhere he went.
The Masonic Southern Baptist Bitches happen to pony up in Tuscaloosa.
Would've happened wherever he went.
Can't fault the business decision by the Brotherhood, however.

Nate said...

Not being from the Southeast you obviously don't understand how this works.

YOu ever noticed how SEC fans chant "SEC" "SEC" at bowl games?

When I lived in Tennessee... pre-knoxville... I hated UT. I mocked Manning and Fulmer and actually would laugh out loud when Florida raped them. I hated Fulmer for what he did to Johnny Majors. That said... I was, and am, a Bama fan. The night Bama assraped Miami for the National Title was one of the greatest nights of my life. When we lived in Knoxville we went to Tuscaloosa for the Third Saturday in October and sat in the visiting section... wearing Bama gear.

We lived in married student housing ... right on Cumberland... which is the street you walk down to get to Neyland on game day... and we would hang a Bama flag out of our window.

I like and respect UT.

I am, and always have been, a Bama fan.

Nate said...

While living in knoxville I learned a lot more about the program and the school and the history and actually developed a lot of respect for the football program.

WaterBoy said...

Dude, c'mon...150+ words on why fan ≠ fan? That's some tortured logic, there -- if it was Al Qaeda, it would have already retroactively confessed to sinking the Maine.