Friday, February 07, 2014

No Show Nate

That's what you can call me from now on.

Because apparently I am useless these days.

Actually its Six's fault.  He's off doing some hippy shit and I am totally not up for doing this shit alone.  Plus I may have... prepped... a little to hard.  Not to mention my wife as been dropping some hints here and there.

So its not that I don't love you.  I do.  I really do.  But...    yeah...

A: Bourbon.  Lots.

T: not yet.  but yes.

F: gonna go with.. and this is a first...    A remington.  A Remington R-25 to be specific.  In 7m-08.   Yes.  Its badass.


Vidad said...

It was cold at the commune so I'm home right now... if you reconsider.

A: Stoli and cinnamon whisky. Weird.
T: Homemade snuff.

Anonymous said...

A: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

T: La Herencia CORE - zow!

F: Smith 586


cheddarman said...

A : moonshine
T: red man anything
F: tiger tank batallion to spearhead picketts charge

Res Ipsa said...

I'm still stuck at work.

No A or T.

F? Of Course.

Cheddarman said...

Nate, Vladimir Putin called, wanted to know if it was ok with you to start the winter Olympic games

Giraffe said...

A remington. A Remington R-25 to be specific. In 7m-08. Yes. Its badass.

What. The. Fuck.

Who ARE you?

Nate said...

Giraffe... it only says "remington" on it. Its actually made by DMPS.

Vidad said...

Taught my final class today at the awesome hippie event.

Survival gardening off-grid after a collapse. Extreme composting. Hand tools.

People get this stuff when they see it... it's awesome. From "left" to "right," everyone is worried... and the sharper folks are actively preparing.

Giraffe said...

Giraffe... it only says "remington" on it. Its actually made by DMPS.

I would have figured Bushmaster, since they are owned by the same company as Remington.

thimscool said...

Extreme composting?

Centrifuges? Shit in a bucket? Body disposal?

Outlaw X said...

I don't own a R 25 Remington but have shot one, they are bad ass for sure.

Vidad said...

"Centrifuges? Shit in a bucket? Body disposal?"

You got it. Slaughter wastes, human feces and urine, logs and branches, fish, etc.

There's a lot of potential soil fertility tied up in the stuff your local extension office agent screams "SHOULD NOT BE ADDED TO COMPOST!"

As part of my survival gardening research and experimentation, I dug back into history and studied how pre-chemical farmers kept their soil alive. One great book I discovered: "Farmers of 40 Centuries."

cheddarman said...


does anyone in your forum ever talk about making high end stuff, like antibiotics?

I have a decent understanding of how you could make that stuff (grow up antibiotic producing organisms with out other contaminating organisms) wondering if there would be a market for that information



cheddarman said...


i used to laugh at colloidal silver people, thinking they were nut jobs...i was just reading how silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver?) and antibiotics show synergism in a lab petri dish. It made the antibiotics much more effective. Dont know if it will work in practice on people, but may be worth remembering if TEOTWAWKI ever comes



automatthew said...

"I need to speak to a developer about some work".

I may, or may not, be your Huckleberry. Assuming you mean software ... you can find my email at

Rocjard.Share said...

By the same token, you can contact me at

Depends on what sort of developer you need, of course.

John Williams said...

Ha ha New York politicians.

Outlaw X said...
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