Friday, December 02, 2005


Well... it's friday... the little one's sleepin'... the bigger little one is playing with his train and runs me off everytime I go in there... so I am reduced to this.

So what's it gonna be today folks? Guns? Sex? Music? Movies?

I could take some time to fill y'all in on the move... but even though things are pretty much decided, its not 100% until the docs are signed... so I'll save it till then... Y'all won't be disappointed though.. I promise ya that.

I watched the 4th Prophecy movie yesterday... Ain't bein' a stay-at-home dad rough? It was good... but not as good as the others. Walken wasn't in it... and the Angels were depicted quite differently... fun.. but not as fun. Ya know?

Anyway... Vox's place has been invaded by some of the most willfully stupid people I've ever encountered... so... anyone seeking to take refuge... you're welcome here. Pull up a chair...

It's Friday after all.. and while its still early... one can expect Jamie to be loaded and posting God knows what any time now. Should make for some good time killin' I reckon.

In the meantime... I'm gonna smoke... Anyone else here roll their own?

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