Friday, March 10, 2006


I would be remiss if I didn't note the fact that the blog is suffering. Fact is... the reason I have the opinions I have... and the reason I write what I write is largely related to the fact that I have time to think.

Lately... I really don't have time to think... and when I do... I find myself thinking about the various differences between a BMW F650, a Suzuki DR-650 or DRZ400... or the new challenger.. the KLX250. If I have appeared distracted its because I am.

To much to do... not enough time to do it...

This time next week we'll be on the road to Nashville to drop the boys off and pick up DJ.

This time the week after we'll be on the road to Dickson to move in to our new house.

Things are a little hectic.

Yesterday for example was almost entirely wasted researching a company called FPE which used to make circuit breakers. Don't ask... just know that Home Inspections are a freakin' scam, and Home Inspectors don't know butt from a hole in the ground.

I basicly ended up telling the people who're buyin' my house that their inspector was crazier than a shit house loon.

Not to mention my late night counciling session last night...

Its friday dammit... its time to drink and smoke and carry on like fools.

Did I mention I almost bought a pistol yesterday? I was so irritated and pissed off about the inspector thing I took a break and started browesin' around my favorite internet haunts. By the time I came to my senses I was just about to hit the Buy button on a 645 dollar remake of the Confederate Lemat.

Now if ya don't know about that famed weapon you are missin' out. The original was a 9-shot .42 caliber cap and ball pistol... You could rotate the striker on the hammer down and then fire a 10th shot... which happened to be an 18 gauge shotgun! J.E.B. Stuart carried one of these... as I am sure Nathanial Bedford Forrest did as well at one time or another.

Anyway... I backed out. The new replica is actually in .44 and 20 gauge.... and I'm sure its a lot of fun... but I'd rather spend the bucks on a mill to make my own 1911s. What? You thought I'd forgot? bah.

Believe it or not my bourbon supply is runnin' low... I'm down to Bookers and Blantons. Yeah I know... its a tough life. I mean if you only have two to choose from... those are pretty damned good options. 2 guesses on what I'm drinkin' tonight...

ah piss on it... its 65 degrees and sunny... there's a little breeze goin' by... I'm gonna set out on the front porch and smoke. Maybe sip a little later. I'll be checkin' back directly.

Y'all have fun.

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