Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Final Countdown: T minus 9 days

We're in single digits boys. Today is also significant, as we are closing on the new house... which we have never seen... and its being measured for new hardwood floors.... which we haven't seen. Oh this should be fun.

Its closing in about 2 hours... and I haven't seen a settlement statement yet... which is only mildly disconserting.

We found out yesterday that the bank was still madly faxing around various verification of former employment documents... which was also mildly disconserting.

Hey... I've done the mortgage thing. I know how it works. Its a panic business of putting out fires and living on the cutting edge of the knife.

I fully expected things to go wrong, then work themselves out at the end. That's just the way the business is.

Anyway.. today is actually DrWho's last regular work day. She's either on overnight call or late call the rest of the time we're here... and counting today, she only works 5 days total. Granted three of those 5 days are 16-hour shifts... but still... no more getting up early to go in. The girl gets to sleep late for the next month-and-a-half.

Well deserved says I.

By the way... if the title of this post caused you to hum the keyboard hook from that old Europe song... you've instantly lost all respect.

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