Monday, September 04, 2006

Cop Killer

At what point does being a cop become a shooting offense? I sincerely hope you realize I'm not kidding.

Everyday cops kill innocent people. They do it accidentally. They do it deliberately. And what are the consequences? When you accidentally kill someone, its manslaughter... or attempted murder... depending on how the DA feels that day. When a cop accidentally kills someone... what happens? Nothing. You say a world without cops is anarchy. I say when the law doesn't apply to cops... you already have anarchy.

A couple months paid leave while bureaucrats with a vested interest in the outcome pretend to investigate. Isn't interesting that these investigations always seem to last just long enough for the public to forget about the poor bastard that died for no reason. In the exceedingly rare event that some negative report does come from the investigation, there are still no consequences for the offending officer. Here in Tennessee a park ranger opens fire on a car with no justifiable reason. The committee sent a scathing report of his actions to the park service. What came of it?


The murderer isn't in jail. He didn't even get a fine. You can't even sue the S.O.B. for the funeral costs.

Whack 'em stack'em. First they kill you... then they sweep it under the rug by claiming you were driving drunk... or dealing drugs... or had some sort of criminal record. Like committing a crime in the past makes it ok for the cops to kick down your door in the middle of the night and shoot you in your own bed. Oooops... No knock warrant.. wrong house.. sorry. Price you pay for living in a bad neighborhood.

And what about that case where the father called the cops to help with his mentally ill daughter who'd refused to take her meds? The girl had baracaded herself in her apartment and wouldn't come out.

Oh the cops got her out all right... in a body bag. See the girl waved a deadly lamp at one the cops. So they emptied a couple high-cap clips in her. Hey... she had a weapon. Right?

Now lets talk about cops in general. Think back to high school. Which kids became cops? Right. The assholes. The bullies, and those bullied. The bullies become cops because they get off on pushing people around and the badge gives them that excuse. Those who were bullied in high school become cops to turn the tables for themselves. Either way you end up with a dickhead with a chip on his shoulder.

Cops are like Teachers. The system is such that any individuals capable of the slightest decency are weeded out or run off sooner rather than later. The odds of you encountering one that's not a prick are something kin to winning the lottery.

If you learn nothing from this blog... if you hate everything I write.. please consider this: Cops never make anything better. They make every situation worse. Whatever problem you have, you are far better off solving it yourself, and then, only after it is well over, calling them to come document your story... and remember its always best for there to only be one story. Dead men tell no tales. Dead men don't sue.

Never dial 911.

The number you're looking for is 1911.

And don't give me any of the "not all cops are bad" shit. I have a friend who's a deputy. Talk to him for 15 minutes. He's a dick. He couldn't care less about right or wrong or keeping the peace. All he cares about is the law. All he cares about is authority. All he respects is power. And this is one of the best cops I've ever met!

If you're a cop... or a teacher for that matter... and you think you aren't a scumbag... you're probably wrong. If you're not.. there's one sure way to find out. Get a new job.

For dozens.. I mean dozens of confirmed cases of death by cop, including details on the cases I've briefly mentioned... click here.

And now before you all morons email me... cleverly asking how long I was in jail... consider this:
the post above was written by a law abiding citizen with no criminal record, who's never been arrested, who is active in the children's ministry at his church. I've never even stepped foot in a jail, for any reason.

When inner-city blacks scream "Fuck the Poe Leece" you blow it off as black rage looking for an outlet.

So how do you blow it off when a law-abiding church going white boy, who likely is far more successful than you are says it? How do you blow it off when someone who's greatly benefited from the system, says the system is FUBAR?

We're leaving. I don't know exactly when. I don't know exactly where. But we are getting the hell out of this country. I'm going to look for America. I love America. Someone tell me where the hell it went.

And any cops who read this and get pissy... don't bother emailing me. I don't give a hootin' hell.

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