Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ismail Ax: SuperHuman Badass

This is where I provide the link to an idiotic post

And this is where I quote it so you don't have to expose yourself to more of his stupidity than necessary:

Nashville has it’s own talk radio loudmouth, whom I had the distinct displeasure of listening to for the first time ever last night. Phil Valentine aired his Die Hard fantasies about how someone carrying a concealed weapon could have “ended” the massacre. No, Phil, and “no” to anyone else who believes this to be accurate. Unless the individual was John McClain (a fictional police officer trained to use firearms) or Blade, they would have likely ended up swallowing hollow points.

And this is where I explain why its idiotic...

First of all... in fairness to the author, he is expressing a view widely held on the left... ie; bad guys with guns are invinsible. Only the government can stop criminals... and if the government doesn't stop them... they simply cannot be stopped. This stems from the fact that the average leftist has never actually encountered real aggression in his life. When he does... its on tv... and his conclusion is the same as this dude's. Ismail Ax was Superman.

To the leftist... when a badman has a gun... he is invinsible. Interenstingly... when a good guy has gun... the same doesn't apply. Criminals with guns are infinitely skilled... while civilians with guns are just dumb rednecks playing Rambo.

Now... let's consider shall we?

Superbadass Ismail Ax purchased his first firearm 1 month before the rampage began. How many times do you suppose he went to the range? How often did he shoot? Did he have tactical training? Did he have any training at all?

The left is blinded by their own ignorance of firearms. Shooting is a skill. It takes practice. You can't just pick up a gun and morph into some unstoppable god.

Honest men and women defend their lives against these supposed unstoppable gods every day in America. Much more often than not... the good guys win. Why? Because the good guys practice. The good guys train.

People go the the range once... twice.. three times per week... every week... all year long. In Tennessee the average concealed carry permit holder for example goes to the range a couple times a month. Remember... that's just average... consider the ex-SEALs among us.

What if a guy like Underwater Operative had been there? Or an ex-marine? or Ranger? or anyone with real combat experience? Legally they'd be unarmed. Are you seriously going to argue that an ex-seal couldn't have smoked the Superbadass Ismail Ax?

Sorry... my money's on UO.

Ya know what else?

My money would be on anyone who'd actually had some training... anyone who'd been to the range a few times... and took their safety seriously enough to prepare.

These idiots think Ismail Ax was a badass because he was killing sheep. I suggest you watch the cell footage. He was taking his time. He was not just blasting all over the place. Why? Because he felt safe. He knew he was the only one there with a gun.

Fact is... he never would've known someone had drawn down on him until it was to late.

Dozens of lives could've been saved with a single shot.

But no... in the idiot mind of the left... if we'd just had stricter gun laws... after all... if having a firearm was illegal on school grounds we wouldn't be seeing these shooting rampages... because no one would have guns.


Then again... quick... name the last shooting rampage that took place outside of a "gun free zone"...

Stumped are ya?

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