Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mountain Road Rules

After spending a few days riding in the mountains I've decided to share some wisdom. I've come up with some basic things to remember. Pay attention.

1) You may be driving the speed limit... you may be being ultra careful... that doesn't mean you're driving safely. Statisticly speaking serious motorcycle accidents always involve another vehicle... and that vehicle always has more than two wheels.

2) Motorcycles were not considered when speed limits were pulled out of the air.

3) Your safe speed and a motorcycle's safe speed are completely unrelated.

4) Well riden motorcycles often double the posted limit on curves. If it says 20... we go 40. That doesn't mean we're driving crazy. It doesn't even mean we're particularly trying hard. We're just riding. We're perfectly in control. You're the problem.

5) Let me repeat that. You are the problem.

6) No street legal car can keep up with a well ridden motorcycle. I don't care what you have. I don't care if its a Corvette z-06 or a Lotus or a Vanquish. A good rider on a modern bike will blow you away. That doesn't mean you're not a good driver or your car isn't fast.

7) Do not be insulted when motorcycles pass you.

8) If you drive in your own little world... oblivious to the traffic jam you're causing behind you... motorcycles will start passing you illegally... and the longer you keep it up... the greater the chances they are going to be willing to take. Like it or not... that's your fault. Because...

9) Driving safely means not being an asshole.

So to sum up...

10) If a motorcycle pulls up behind you on a twisty mountain road.... pull the hell over and let him go.

We spent countless hours behind idiot cagers tooling along at 5 and 10mph on these roads. The fury that creates is akin to what you would feel if you were on the interstate and two morons were driving side by side 20mph below the speed limit.

Hrm... How about one more rule...

11) Cagers suck.

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