Monday, July 06, 2009

What We Know and What We Don't


Ok... the bloggerblaster ain't gonna turn into TMZ... but I will update you on the situation so far.

* The police have still not declared this a murder-suicide.

* They are very concerned about the length of time between the discovery of the bodies and 911 call. It took 40 minutes.

* There is reason to believe that evidence was moved around in the room before the police arrived on the scene. But the police are adamand that the bodies were not moved.

* The chick was arrested for DUI.. and purchased the firearm found on the scene less than 12 hours later from a private individual who didn't realize she was under 21.

* 5 shots total fired. 3 at greater than 3 feet hit McNair. 1 up close to his temple. 1 to her temple with the weapon flush against her head.

Now do keep in mind... this is not CSI. This is the real world.. and here in the real world they really can't tell you what caliber weapon killed someone if they don't find the cartridge and read the stamp on the bottom of it. Also... remember... Ballistic information is entirely fictional.

Anyway.. its entirely possible that this was a murder suicide. I would just caution you all to remember that this girl had probably never shot a weapon before... and she scored 5 hits in 5 shots... including 1 head shot at greater than 3 feet... and she did this in such a manner that a world class athlete that was known to go heels didn't so much as touch his own weapon.

It doesn't smell right folks. It really doesn't smell right.


Police have finally reported that the weapon recovered under the girl's body was a semi-automatic. They've also stated that McNair was shot 2 times in the chest... and 1 time in each temple. One of the temple shots was from a distance.

Yeah... a rookie did this. Right.

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