Friday, November 17, 2006


Yeah I know I've been slack... but its a special night... I've got progress to report.

Let's get the specifics out of the way first...

Bookers... CAO..

oh... and firearms???

Check this out!

New Pics!!!

THAT boys and girls is the slide that's going on the 1911 project. Oh my... I am stunned at the build quality. The cuts are freaking unreal. I knew Caspian made good stuff... I didn't expect Les Bear quality though. Its is blown me away. Note the Bo-mar cut on the back and the Novak in the front. Trick eh?

I've got some much better pics up now.

Ok ok ok... enough of that... How y'all been? Whatcha drinkin'? Whatcha smokin'? Anyone up for a little wine discussion? I'm seriously considering building a virtical tasting collection... two actually... One Jacobs Creek Merlot bottling... say about 5 years running.... then a White Zif... Berringer I suppose... also 5 years running... for DrWho. Cheap yes... but its an excuse to start.

How bout it y'all?

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