Monday, November 27, 2006

Thoughts Thunk... Barely Comprehensible

Here in the deep... with but whiskey... and the suffering of viral hellspawn... sent by the Prince of Lies his own self to torment me with excessive mucus, oxygen deprivation, and general misery. Its all the inspiration one man can stand.

I am moved to make comparison... of the modern secular university system, and the faith based system from which it was born. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Vanderbilt, Cambridge... all schools founded and funded... not by government... but individuals... and with much heavy lifting of the Church.

This system saw knowledge, reason, and wisdom as ways to bring one's self closer to God. This system produced, above all, thinkers. The religious and the atheist alike came from this system. The great philosophers.... the great scientists... this system functioned as intended.

The modern secular system sees knowledge as means to self aggrandizement. Reason is no where to be found, and it doesn't even know how to define wisdom. Its produced no great thinkers... atheist or otherwise. Not one great philosopher. Perhaps its greatest scientist... Einstein... wasn't actually much of a scientist at all. Doesn't the light barrier sound a lot like the sound barrier? Just another meaningless mark to be broken. We look back at those who preached the dogma of the unbreakable sound barrier and laugh. Our great great grand children will laugh at us as well. Or will they?

The modern secular system also functions as intended. Meaning that it doesn't produce thinkers. Thinkers are not the goal. It produces well heeled consumers and worker bees, ready willing and able to jump through whatever corporate hoop that may be placed before them.

Amazingly, the chief accomplishment of this modern system is the slight-of-hand. Its in the way its products insist with such passion and fury on their own individualism, while they slobber with equal passion at the ringing of each and every bell. They are rebels... hell bent on bowing to every authority they come to, save God.

The spirit of rebellion... its obvious in their atheism. Because that's what atheism is really. Oh they hide behind noble words like science and philosophy... but in the end they're naked as the day they were born. They are taught to judge God based on man's percieved morality. The old system did it the other way around.

Judge them by the fruits says I.

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