Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Delayed Gratification

Scrimping through medical school and residency may pay off after all.

I should point out what led us to this decision. Indeed this is not at all the vehicle I planned to get. I wanted a Yukon XL or a Denali. I had fantasies about a diesel Excursion but I had no luck finding one. At any rate... we wanted some very specific things that lead us to this truck.

1) Quad seating. That is... second row captains chairs. Makes it real easy to get to the third row.

2) DVD

3) Navigation System. Shut up. Its crack. Once you've had it, you can never do without it.

4) Seating for a minimum of 6.

5) Room for a week's luggage for those 6.

We found all sorts of vehicles that met most of the requirements... but they wouldn't have a Nav... or the wouldn't have a DVD... or they'd have both but they wouldn't have captains chairs.

We looked at the Denali... but we couldn't find one that met our requirements. We looked at Suburbans... In the end... we stumbled on to this after we were about to settle for a Denali with a second-row bench. If I could've found a suburban so equiped... I would've gotten it.

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