Saturday, February 10, 2007

Long Range Target Shooting

Erik axes: What would be a good rifle? Models, not just rounds. I am assuming y'all are gonna say the .308.

The .308 is a great little cartridge but its not my first choice for true long range target shooting. The bullet drop at 500 yards is considerable... at 1000 yards its like you're firing mortor rounds. Once the drops is easier to communicate in feet than inches... its a little pointless. Don't get me wrong... holding say... 6 feet over a target 1000 yards away really only involves moving the rifle a tiny bit. Still... the flatter the better says I.

Lets start with models though before we get to specific on cartridges, because all the long range rifles are cambered appropriately.

I also need to know what you're considering long range. If you're looking for a long range Varmint rifle... true long range hunter? I mean... if you're just punching holes in paper at 300 yards then we can go with a 22-250 and shoot all day.. but if you want to reach out to 1000 yards and still have enough enegry to take out a good sized mammal... well... then we're talking long action big hitters.

I suspect some of you know what's coming...

- Savage:
116 FHSAK - its got an on-off muzzle break to take the beating off your shoulder. This makes a big difference. Turn the muzzle break on and recoil is seriously reduced. This weapon has the accu-trigger which means you can adjust the pull from 1 pound to 6 pounds without takin' it to a gunsmith. Lots of gun for the money. I'd be looking at .338 win mag or 7mm Rem mag in this one.


A-Bolt Eclipes Hunter with BOSS: I love the thumbhole stock. The BOSS system improves accuracy and reduces felt recoil. Plus... it says Browning on it... therefore you know its accurate. Get this one in 7mm rem mag.

Ok... I've got to split for now. I'll offer a few more suggestions.. Including a write up on the Winchester Model 70... pre-64 of course.

I'm sure the boys will help to.

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