Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Atheism as a Lack of Perception

Science is largely defined and influenced by observation and observable reality. We know for example that gravity exists because we observe it. We see it at work in our everyday lives.

The question I have is... imagine a group of militant blind men.... who suddenly got together and decided to question the existence of light. How would science prove that light exists? Observation requires perception... and without perception the whole system falls apart.

One can well imagine the difficulty of explaining light to those who have no ability to sense it.

This is where we are with atheists like Dawkins. Billions of people percieve what some call the "supernatural". Of course as a Christian I don't use the term... its all perfectly natural to me. A world created from magic soup.. unique and unreproducable... now that is supernatural. The ordered world we see... biochemistry... physics... created in an ordered way by a higher being... that's natural. But I digress...

When billions percieve something... to the point that they order their lives... and surrender their lives based on its existence... it lends a great deal of credibility. After all... how many scientists have succumbed to mere prison... surrending their own findings in return for their freedom? And how many of the faithful have endured torture and death without forsaking what they know to be true?

Would Richard Dawkins die defending the Flying Spagetti Monster's existence? Of course not. Because he can no more percieve the monster than he can percieve God... or than a blind man can percieve light.

The fact that some are blind is a pity... but it doesn't mean that light doesn't exist. Those of us who can see will never be swayed by silly rants by the blind.

Everytime Dawkins screams about the myth of gravity... I drop a rock and watch it fall. The conclusion... even by the scientific standard is simple. Perception of the Creator is part of the human condition. Those who cannot, are indeed aflicted. The trouble starts when you start asking where the affliction came from...

Believers and Atheists are both products of the church... and someone is going to have to take responsibility for that. Somewhere along the way the Church cut out Richard Dawkin's eyes... and he's been cursing God for it ever since.

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