Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Eli

Between the 26-inch LCD mounted on his wall... and the Omnidroid 9000 electronic battle playset... methinks he'll be a happy little boy.

Not bad loot for a second birthday eh?

On the other front... DrWho just got admitted to the hospital this morning. Protein issues and some pain have raised one to many red flags. Pregnancy number three has been a little to smooth. Hopefully its nothing.

Personaly I would much prefer little Elkan to arrive in a much less dramatic fashion than his brothers.

*** UPDATE ***

DrWho got home in time for a grand and glorious party! All is well. There was some consern for this or that... I'll not bore you with details... but it was deemed a false alarm. We've gorged upon cake and ice cream... and now its time to play in the bathtub (Eli's most favorite game) and then its off to bed... at least for the little ones... I of course will be staying up for some fine bourbon... and I will also be enjoying the company of my wife... AND Darlin' Joy.


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