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Well... in the aftermath of my previous post on the mommy board the Oprah Watchers asked me 3 questions... These are my answers. This post resulted in 5 replys all saying "I thought about debating Nate... but this isn't the right thread for it."

Bwak Bwak Bwak.

1) What's wrong with healthcare today and how would I fix it: First of all the problems with our healthcare system are extremely over stated. If you need treatment in the US.. you get it. Anyone that says otherwise is either knowingly lieing or ignorant. Remember that movie with denzel washington and his dieing kid? It was roughly as realistic as Star Wars.

There is a problem with our healthcare system. That problem is government. There is way to much government involvement. You wouldn't believe the regulations involved. Its insane. Doctors cannot speak to their spouses about their work for fear of the dreaded HIPPA violation. Seriously is this the CIA or something? Virtually ever problem facing our healthcare system today is the direct result of government involvement. For example... costs... costs are driven up by added bureaucracy mandated by the government. Drug costs are artificially inflated because of insane FDA requirements... the strictest such requirements in the world. Why are drugs cheaper in Canada? Because Canada's requirements are easier to meet. Medicare and Medicaid are by definition social medicine. They are the biggest payers in the game, so they control prices... and they also get to set the rules for everyone else... even those not on medicare and medicaid.

What would I do to fix the problem? I would get government out of the way. The government sticks its big butt into every transaction that takes place and it bogs down the system. Remember... HMO's were actually created by congress. Not good. I would UNcreate them. I would deregulate the medical industry at every level possible.

2) After I burn the schools (don't forget shipping those NEA folks to Cuba!) do I expect everyone to homeschool: No. But neither do I want to provide government sponsored day-care for your kids... call it school if you want but that's not what it is. Its daycare. I know its daycare because if it were a school then I could hold the teachers accountable for the results. I can't. Therefore its a daycare. So... you have kids... you have to work all day.. what do I expect you to do? Well.. you're a grown up. I expect you to take responsibility for your choices and your children and work it out without putting a gun to my head and forcing me to pay for your daycare.

I absolutely believe every parent is potentially a better teacher for their children than those in public school. How can I say this? Well... who potty trained your kids? Who taught your kids to walk? If you can teach them that stuff... then you can teach them to read... and if you can teach them to read... you can teach them anything. You know your kids better than anyone else. You know their individual needs better than some so-called professional that spends all day telling 25 other kids to shut up, and has to call the police every time a 7 year old climbs on a desk.
But... would i force you to homeschool? no. Never. You kid's education is totally up to you. I would simply create a much bigger demand for private schools by shutting down the government ones, and the market would then meet that demand. Private schools would spring up catering to all different needs and budgets. Why? Because there is money to be made. We spend billions and billions on education... more per student than any country in the world... and yet our kids still can't read as well as those in Iceland. Its pathetic. I'd give that money back to the public where it could be used to get real, effective education... as opposed to day care.

3) Hard times and Safety Nets in Nate's perfect world: I am morally opposed to all forms of forced charity. How much more could you give to charity... or church... if you weren't giving a third of your income to the government? How much more could you save? How much less would you need those so-called "safety nets"? Charity is the job of individuals and the Church. Its not the place for government. Davie Crockett used to say... "I don't see the word charity in the constitution anywhere."

The best example I can think of is social security.. arguably the biggest mistake we've ever made. Why can I say that? Because it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Prior to social security employers offered pensions, and folks saved for retirement. Once government got involved, employers stopped offering them.. and people stopped saving... because they thought the government was going to take care of them.

Then they turned 65 and realized they'd be trying to live on 1200 per month.

See? Its not a safety net. Its a trap. Its trapped millions into virtual poverty. Ya think all those old women working at walmart are doing so to fight off the boredom of retirement?
Look at SSI disability... how many people are trapped on 1200 dollars per month, unable to supplement their own income because doing so would jeopardize their government handout?
And to bring it back to the original point... the end does not justify the means. Stealing is stealing. Now.. if you want a safety net.. fine. You enroll in Social Security and you can enjoy the benefits. Just don't force me to do it. But the truth is that's not possible. You have to have me involved or the system doesn't work.

Why not just put a gun to my head and order me to give you 1200 bucks a month? Why make the government do it for you?

This is the best proof I can offer that government safety nets are a myth. If they were financially possible... you wouldn't have to force everyone to enroll. You don't see insurance companies forcing folks to enroll. Yet they are financially viable. Ya want unemployment insurance? Go buy some. Maybe if the government wasn't taking all that FICA money out of your check each month you could even afford to! Seriously... take a look at your pay stub. How much do they take out for FICA each month? OK... look at the year to date. Now add that to last years... and the year before and the year before. Add it up for your whole life... put it in a savings account earning 5% and what do you have? You have one helluva a safety net, and you don't need Aunt Samantha (you might call him Uncle Sam but I changed his name when he turned into such a sissy) giving you permission to us it.

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