Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Leading Economic Indicator

So whenever you hear some talking head rambling about how the decline is all but over and the light is clearly at the end of the tunnel. Do take a moment to point this out to them.

Nothing says recovery like CFO's offing themselves.

Of course if you note the wording of the article there are at least some suspicious aspects of the death. But then again, its not like the murder of Freddie Mac executives would bode well.

Well... I suppose that depends on the goal doesn't it?


Underwater Operative said...

I wouldn't put it past the government to off a 16 year employee who was about to come clean on governments roll in the financial collapse.

trk said...

agree with UO on that point. And how come they wont share the details of the 'obvious' suicide? Did he shoot himself in the back?

Clint said...

He probably hung himself after he shot himself twice in the back of the head.

Underwater Operative said...

Your point about economic indicators is taken.

Vox, and others, pointed out there would be a big swing up before it went down big.

The Barbarian said...

Clinton had about 156 close associates dead by Arkansas suicide in his first 6 months. O has some catchin up to do.

mmaier2112 said...

He's on "black folk time".

Anonymous said...

Not buying the suicide angle. This guy knew the locations of way too many skeletons in DC. The initial report said there was a gun involved but that he hung himself?

The Godfather movies come to mind here. And I doubt we will ever know the truth. And how come these suicides only happen on a Dem watch?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Forgot to sign my name again. I hate your comment section now Nate.


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