Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meeting the Lord in Assless Leather Pants

All show and no go. If you've ever been around the motorcycle culture you've heard that. The loathesome Harly Davidson Motorcycle Company embodies the statement more than any other. Fitting then that a company could go so far as design its whole business plan around carting old dead people on them.
After extensive research on the company's website I learned they actually have an environmental policy which requires an escort to go along behind the processions for oil cleanup. After all... you can't have a couple hundred hogs rolling through town without leavin' a helluva mess. The clean up crew no doubt ride Hondas.... which look better... go faster... turn better... are more comfortable... more reliable... and don't leak oil all over the road.
Then again...
Playing dress up isn't as fun when you aren't part of a whole club of grown ups playing along with you.

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