Friday, June 18, 2004

The Peaceful City of Morgantown

The house a few doors down got broken into last night. Happened around dinner time. Julie and I were both home. I'm so jealous. Just think, right now you could be reading about the brains splattered all over my workshop. Aparently the little bastards broke in through the back, defeating a deadbolt. They even were so damned inconsiderate they let the people's dogs out. Now what good does it do to have two big dogs if they just want to play with the bad man? This is why labs are better than Goldens. Cas and Dixie would've killed the pricks.

Ah well... maybe I need to pretty the house up some? I mean... you don't break-in to a house with big battleflag emblazened truck out front right? I should put out peace flags, and a no guns allowed sign out front.... maybe then we could lure them in...

Ahh well.. it's Friday y'all. It ain't time to save the world. It's time to crack a few open. For the knoxville contingent, y'all go find a good resturaunt with a patio. Sit out there with your boat drinks and live it up a little.

Res, go fishin' buddy.
Red.. I'm sure you have a concert to go to....
Bill.. head out to Deep Creek.
JACIII.. I don't need to tell you to have fun.. I know your ways.
Spacebunny, pinch Vox on the ass for me.
Sarah, you playin' in the garden this weekend?
Eddie... Study up on your draft picks boy. You're in for a rough year.

The rest of y'all, go have some fun too.

As for me... I'm gonna head out on the CBR.

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