Wednesday, May 11, 2005

F*** Me-So Mee-Shell

So little Miss Malkin wants us to thank a cop today. yeah.. I'll be sure to call up the cop in Murfreesboro, TN who shot a 78 year old man, because he didn't stop his car when he was told to. Never mind that mechanics later determined that the accelerater had been stuck. The cop said, "The man was gonna hit me. He made eye contact with me." Of course he was... which explains why the accelerator was stuck.

I'll also be sure to thank another cop in that same small town. A female cop this time, who shot a woman at a gas station. The woman was in her car... the cop was standing in front of the car, demanding she exit the vehicle. The woman refused. The cop shot her, and now she... like the old man, are both dead. The cop said, "She was trying to hit me. She wouldn't make eye-contact with me." When the woman's body was removed from the car, it was found to still be in reverse.


Now let me get this straight... the old man made eye-contact... and that was interprated as a threat... the woman did not make eye-contact... and that was also interprated as a threat.

Listen carefully people. If you encounter a cop, you better just go ahead and assume he's a nutcase looking for an excuse to kill you. Because frankly, he is. He's probably scared to death, and scared people are dangerous as hell. If he's not scared... then chances are he's just that damned mean, and you don't want to screw around with him either.

So Miss Malkin... Here's a member of the non-elite media... just the little old BloggerBlaster... and I say unto thee:

Pucker up and kiss my law-abiding citizen ass.

I'll thank a Cop when Cops stop killin' people for no damned reason, or better yet, start leavin' us the hell alone.

Now piss off.

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