Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jeb's a Rock Star

I've said before that Jeb has made everything easy on us. At 3 weeks old he was sleepin' 7 through the night. As an infant he was just as happy in a swing or a bouncy chair as he was in your arms. He was never really sick, and even when he was it was never more than a rough night or two. When it came time to try to ween him... well... no... actually... He just up and weened himself. There was no weening on our part. He just stop suckling. DrWho would try, and he'd just look up at her and smile real big... like... "you silly mommy. I'm to big for that."

Nap time... Bed time... never a big deal. There is no big routine or drama. He just says his prayers, lays down and puts himself to sleep. Travel? He doesn't mind spendin' all day in the car. WV to Tennessee? No problem. Northern WV, to Central TN? No problem.

He's really independent... but he wants you to be interested just the same. He won't let you play for him... and God help you if you attempt to help him accomplish something he's set on doing himself.... but he's still one of the most affectionate... if not the most affectionate kid I've ever been around.

All that said.... Why am I constantly suprised when he makes something easy? We were sorta worryin' about the potty training thing. He's 30 months old after all. But... like everything else... He just up and did it.

Over the course of the last 2-weeks he's pretty much potty trained himself. He saw his Papa go... and he ran over to "go" with him. That was big stuff. And I know you girls are thinkin' that's bizarre... but believe me... this is how little boys work.

That was probably 10 days ago, and I can, off the top of my head, think of 2 accidents he's had since then. Today... I'm in the shower... and I hear a knock at the door. Then in comes Jebidiah. He looks in the shower to see who's in there... Laughs at me... then procedes to us the potty. Then he hands me soap, and my towell and stuff. .. Laughs at me some more... and then goes on about his bidness.

How do you live your life without kids?

And for the record... Eli's takin' up right where Jeb left off. He's also sleepin' through the night. So much for the second one bein' harder. He's ever bit as easy goin' as Jeb was.

It's a tough life kids. I tell ya... now if I could just get you people to raise your daughters worth a damn I would have it made. I swear if one more smart-mouth little girl besmirches Jeb on a play ground, I'm gonna find her daddy and beat him like a rented Buell.

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