Monday, May 09, 2005


When I think about the indoctrination of the South, the truely terrifying thing is its success. The goal was to fill Southrons with self-loathing, guilt, and give them an inferiority complex, and it couldn't have gone more perfectly.

Miseducated southrons, otherwise inteligent people, will look you in the eye and claim that there is no way the South could survive economically in today's world. Point out to them that as of last year, if the South were to reinstate the C.S.A., it would instantly have the world's third largest GDP behind only the remaining US, and China, and you tend to get uncomfortable laughs or blank stares.

See, they've never thought about it.

You may get them to offer up various responses at this point, but my favorite is the one that claims that our economy would be to dependent on that of the remaining USA. Not only is this not true, it's not even a valid theory. Neither the Mexican, nor Canadian economies could withstand a major collapse in the USA, yet they are seperate countries governing themselves. This is ignoring the fact as well, that givin the Southron take on limited government, its reasonable to assume that many, if not most, of the businesses that have fled the US would return to the South, because of its low taxes and tort reform. In short, we could over take the remaining US in a matter of a decade or so.

How can one look at the little countries of the baltics, and think that a country with as much wealth and industry as the South wouldn't be able to survive... nay thrive?

The worst response though... the sickening one... is the one that comes more often. It stems from the same place as the first, but its more honest. The fact is, lots of our Southrons just don't think we're smart enough to work out that whole self-determination deal. They really believe we're just stupid backwards hicks, and the only reason we have any success at all is via our association with the educated and industrious North.

Just typin' that makes me want to puke.

In 1861, the South adopted a flag that only varied from the colonial flag in the number of stars in the blue field. Why?

Because they believed they had more of a right to it than the remaining US did. After all, Southrons wrote the constitution, funded the War of Indepence, wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, and all with the help of roughly a handful of Yankees.

Not only were the principles on our side.... well of course they were. Those principles were ours to start with.

There is good news though. Every year the University of North Carolina polls people in the South on their thoughts on secession. Every year it comes in around 15% in favor of leaving. It spiked under Clinton at almost 30%.

It's indeed good news... especially when you consider that the US's War of Independence was fought with the approval of less than 25% of the population.

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