Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I've little patiece for those who are unwilling to examine their own core beliefs. It shouldn't be something we dwell on... but every so often you have to shake things up. You have to look at your beliefs and assumptions and ask some questions. This is not a sign of a crisis of faith, or a hint of wavering. If its anything, its the sign of a mature mind.

We've all had those red pill moments, when one of those central truths that we'd taken for granted for years or decades, was suddenly pulled out from under us. Its a sickening feeling. Its like that moment when you've reached the top of the stairs but you don't realize it. So you step up... only to find nothing there.

One such moment for me was when it became clear that when Blue and Grey got to fighting... the good guys didn't win.

Liberals make hey attacking dogma. They scream that they are the only ones willing to face down centuries of beliefs. But they are intellectually dishonest.

For the liberals... now that they control the dogma... embrace it. The benefit of diversity must never be questioned!

They swallow their liberal dogma like the worst evangelican sycophant, and anytime someone questions the system they've constructed, they put their hands over their ears and shout, "Heresy!"

The liberals are a shell. They rail about open-mindedness... then they fiegn discust, and slap down anyone who actually demonstrates it.

The liberal inquisition is just as real as its historical name sake... and its twice as hypocritical.

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