Friday, January 26, 2007


Drink! For the Love of God Drink! What reason could you possibly have to be sober? The Right Wing President proposed Universal Health Care to a Congress lead by Nancy Pelosi for crying out loud! I'm amazed anyone is sober at all...

The liberals are drunken euphorics... the conservatives are in a drunken stupor... the libertarians of course are too busy shooting up to worry about booze... and the folks in the Constitution Party are just so very happy that everyone but them is going to burn in Hell.

But enough of motivation! After all... what more does a man need than a fine bottle of Bookers staring back at him... calling to him... Just a sip lad!

So be it!

Actually I've started slowly tonight... I'm just drinkin' a plain ol' American style lager. No I'm not saying more... you beer snobs make me sick. You blather on like teenagers talking about music... the only beer that's good is the beer no one else has ever heard of. Because see... if you know of a great beer... and I never heard of it... then clearly you are a more knowledgable beer drinker than I am!

Woo Hoo... I couldn't care less. Fact is I've had so many fancy micro brews I get ill just thinking about them now. The fact is they suck. Most all of them... and one should also remember that the vast majority of microbrews aren't. Its just packaging. Just like the bourbon, tobacco, and wine industries.

I'd rather listen to 14 year old boys discuss their own musical insights than listen to two thirty something beer snobs prattle on about hopps and barley they've never grown nor seen.

Sorry... Budweiser tastes better than Sam Adams. Sam Adams tastes like shit. So does Heineken. And Canadian beer is almost as bad as Canadian whiskey...

I'm sick of hearing how the only good beer is the beer we can't get in America. Bullshit. Grow up.

Now.... back to matters at hand...

Anyone else smoke a corncob pipe?

oh.. and firearms.. hrm... I purchased a new shoulder rig. Tension-Retention deal... I like it. If you've never tried one of these things I recommend it. I'm not going into specifics about the brand or whatever... just as a general rule... the shoulder rigs tend to make life easier for some folks.

Anyway... I hope y'all are havin' a good time... I'm off to watch my Preds kick some Chicago Blackhawk ass in HD! WOO HOO!

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