Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where Ranger Rests

What I'm getting ready to tell you really isn't anything to brag about. Every small town in America has some small piece of trivia that the folks pass around. Still... that's maybe what makes it interesting to me.

Back the in eighties... Before the Army vs. Navy football game, several ambitious midshipmen dressed as Army MP's... snuck into West Point, tied up the handlers in a stall, and kidnapped Army's mascot mules; Traveller, Trooper, and Ranger. The prank backfired though... as the mules had to be returned before the game... because Ranger had rebelled and was busy kicking in ever stall they could find.

Navy boys ain't fit to handle West Point Mules.

Ranger eventually retired... I think in 1995. He spent the last ten years of his life grazing on a little hillside off a state highway. His caretakers even got him a donkey named Jenny to keep him company. As he got older Jenny eventually became his eyes and ears on his long walks... and as far as is known... in all the years he was there he only saw fit to leave his retirement facilities once... when he got a wild hair and figured he'd go visit the local bar up the street.

The doorman wouldn't let him in though.

Ranger died in 2005.... he's buried on top of the hill he loved to graze so much. But if you ever find yourself around Burns, Tn... maybe heading north on Highway 96... look off to your right. You'll probly see Jenny out in her pasture...

I guess I wonder how many people drove up and down that highway in those 10 years and saw Ranger and Jenny up there... and just never knew.

Just keep an open mind about what you're lookin' at... Old Mules... and Old Men often have more to 'em then you may think. Sometimes the ordinary ain't ordinary at all.

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