Friday, April 08, 2005


Ahh... Spring is in the air y'all. I've spent the whole afternoon outside... sunnin' on a blanket on my back deck. Cold drink... Hot sun... no where to be... Nothin' to do.

What more can a man hope for?

Oh yeah... I keep forgetting... you poor bastards are at work!


Music: Obviously the choice for now is Jimmy Buffet. I've got his live version of Southern Cross on right now. Pirate at 40... He Went to Paris... all the classics too... But tonight I suspect it will be more along the lines of a Pink Floyd evening. I've been humming "On The Turning Away" all day. What a band...

Alchohol: On a day like this? Duh... I'm all about corona and margaritas today. The tequila is of course Sauza Conmemorativo. It's aged in oak barrels just like bourbon, for about 4 years or so. Its a genuine anejo tequila... smooth and distinct. I'm not much for drinkin' the stuff straight.. but if I was, this would be what I'd choose.

Tobacco: Excaliber 1066 King Arthur. 6.25 x 45. This bad boy has a cameroon wrapper, that in my humble opinion is better than the ones Cohiba uses. Those damned things unwrapped in my hand. It's a sweet, slow burn, and an easy draw. The taste is creamy.. sweet... but more full bodied than most Hoyos... Hoyo.. sorry.. that's the manufacturer of the brand. Anyway.. for 6 bucks.. they are tough to beat really. Fine smoke indeed.

Firearms: Today we lust for the new Springfield XD in the vaunted new .45GAP. What's that? You've not heard of .45GAP? Well... lets just say that it's shorter than .45ACP, but produced the same performance. This means... if you have girly little hands.. ahem...Will... then you can still carry a .45, and get .45ACP stopping power, just like a real man! If you like Glocks, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you look into the XD as well. It simply out glocks Glock at every turn. It gives you a grip saftey, which.. if you're a cop is important... as it may actually prevent you from being another one of the thousands of moron police types who've shot themselves in the foot with their Glocks. Of course... if you're not a cop, then you're probably smart enough to not shoot yourself in the foot... but still.. a grip safety is a damned good idea, and frankly I think all auto's should have them. As for me... The GAP may be enough to push me over the limit... I've had an on-going struggle within me... on the one hand is a Walther P99... on the other is a Springfield XD. Hrmm.. Make mine the 5-inch tactical please.

Alright then... that about covers it. I'm off to pour a margarita and bake a little more. How about you?

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