Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Damned Yankees

I'm sitting here just seething with rage. I find myself wishin' that some yankee piece of shit... yankee piece of shit... sorry... I suppose "piece of shit" is repetetive when coupled with "yankee"... anyway... I find myself wishing that one would show up at my door.

Few things would satisfy me right now like kicking some arrogant yankee piece of shit... dammit... I did it again... in the teeth.

Our whole lives we've listened to these pukes run their mouths. They look down on us... they are the enlightened... educated... and wealthy... we're the redneck hayseeds. They even went so far as to create the Department of Education to make sure we were taught that in our own schools.

They won... there fore they must be right. That's the additude they have. Might Makes Right. It does doesn't it? Yeah... it does... if you're an animal... or a 2nd grader.... or a Yankee... which would make you a combination of both.

This is where a better man would tell you all the things you can do to change these perceptions.

I ain't that man today. Today I don't want to change any perceptions. Today I wanna bust somebody up. Today I want to wring the life out of some yankee..... with my barehands... for the shear satisfaction of explaining to him that his murder must not be wrong... because after all...

Might makes right.

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