Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Texas is Cool

There are several reasons Texas rules... not the least of which is the fact that Bane hates it. However, today I'm talking about something specific... I mean... When states get something right, we should point it out.

So... as common sense as this sounds... no doubt people will express shock and horror that sexual deviants will not be allowed to be foster parents. Of course... in places like California and Oregon, such a description will move you up high on the list of prospective foster parents... Not in good ol' Texas though. Queeners and Freaks need not apply.

I can hear the left squawkin' already... "I don't see what sexual orientation has to do with parenting skills." Well.. rat spit... I never thought of that! Why don't we just call up Nambla and start sending them little boys to nurture while we're at it!

Let's be clear on something.. if you are deviant to the point, that that deviance precludes you from reproducing through natural means... then you will get no where NEAR my kids, nor should you be around anyone elses, lest you infect them with your deviant ways.

Well... oh dear... that wasn't very nice of me wasn't? I'll never win that "Openminded Citizen of the Week" Award now.

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