Friday, July 22, 2005


Ya know... it's times like these when I don't know if I should be thankful for RC... or medicre bourbon. Without RC... I'd never get rid of this Elijah Craig... but without the Elijah Craig... What would I mix with my RC?

A question for the ages boys... no doubt. Yup... Which came first... the Bourbon or the Coke?

The ladies.. WhiskeyGirl and DrWho... are sippin' White Grenache... Vella... yeah.. more boxed wine. I'll hear nothing more from the peanut gallery. Knock it when ya try it. White Grenache is actually not a white wine at all. It's sort of a peachy color... very sweet... very fruity. It's a mexican meal wine. It's perfect for the girls to sip on while the boys are tossin' back the Dos Equis.

Well.. The girls are out on the glider... no reason for me to be inside alone. Y'all have fun out there... I'm gonna sip some booze... flirt with the girls.... and maybe watch Constantine.


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